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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

An Obsessed Photographer Mark Jury Stalked American Author Kristine Carlson

An obsessed photographer who began stalking an author and her teenage daughter after meeting them on a transatlantic flight has been jailed for more than four years for 'emotional rape'. Mark Jury, 40, plagued 52-year-old American author Kristine Carlson and her teenage daughter Kenna during a relentless seven year compaign. Kristine met Jury in a flight from Los Angeles to Heathrow, when they sat next to each other. She showed sympathy for the odd little man during ten hour flight and even gave him one of her books. But her kindness started a stalking anguish with Jury bombarding her in California with flowers, chocolates, tweets and thousand of emails. The Jury heard how Jury was told by a psychic that he meet his future mother-in-law in a plane. So, he started targeting self-help author.
He also set up false Twitter account pretending to be her in order to make spurious remarks and comments via false platforms to her detriment. He sent one Twitter message in which he said he is going to f***k Kenna every day for his life.

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