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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Marriage To Young Girl Kills Old Egyptian Actor

A 74-year-old Egyptian actor Saeed Trabik died a few months after his controversial marriage to a young actress Sarah Tariq. Trabik has a son from an earlier marriage and was largely out of public eye till he announced his marriage to young actress. Trabik played many great roles in cinema, television and theater. He became particularly well known when he played the role of prosecutor 'Shahid Ma Shafish Haja' (A witness did not see anything). Trabik married the young actress on January 15, 2015, and his marriage triggered a chatter on social media. Several days before his death Trabik was admitted to hospital in very serious condition being unconscious. The social media are targeting wife Sarah, claiming Trabik was used to steroids. Sarah has denied this rumour and confirmed that Trabik did not use any steroid throughout the duration of their marriage-- which was 85 days.

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