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Thursday, February 28, 2013

3 D See-Through Computer Unvealed At TED Conference

A transparent computer that allows users to reach inside and touch digital contents has been unveiled at TED conference in Los Angeles. TED fellow Jinha Lee has been working on the Space Top 3 D desktop in collaboration with Microsoft. Allowing people to interact with machines as they do with solid objects could make computing much more inituitive, he told the reportere. The system cosists of a transparent LED display with built-in-cameras, which track the user's gestures and eye movements. The design was inpired by whsat he sees as a human need to interact with things. "Spatial memory, where the body intuitively remembers where things are, is a very human skill", said. Translating this to the digital world will enable people to use computers more easily as well as to complete complex rasks. "If you are working on a document you can pick it up and flip through it like a book, Jinha Lee told. For more precise tasks, where hand gestures are not accurate, there is a touchpad. It will allow, for example archtects to manipulate 3 D models. "The gap between what the designer think and what a computer can do is huge. If you can put your hands inside the computer and handle digital contents, you can express ideas more completely, " he said.

Miss Delawar Teen USA Mellisa King Resigns After Porn Video

Miss Delawar Teen USA has resigned her crown after an explicit movie allegedly featuring the 18-year old beauty queen surfaced online. Mellisa King denies it is her in the sex tape footage. However, the naked girl has striking resemblance to Mellisa, and why to resign if it was her? The video filmed in June 2012, features a girl addressing the camera and stating thst she turned 18 a few months ago in March ( King's birth month). Mellisa King 0r (Mellisa's doppelganger) goes on to describe what her favorite sex position is, before engaging in the act of course. Spoiler aler! she likes being on top. The scandal broke earlier this week when a porn website posted the video purportedly starring Miss Delasware Teen USA pageant winner. King denied it was her.

EU Stopped Its Member Countries To Investing In Israel

European Union has asked all its 27 countries to avoid investing in the financial instittions that are helping Israel in building the pllegal settlements in Baitul Maqdas the occupied area of Palestine. A secret document of EU disclosd that construction of illegal settlements in Baitul Maqdas by Israel is a conspiracy against the solution of two states. While, Israel is extenting its settlement in the area to stop Palestine to make Baitul Maqdas its capital. EU has urged all its members not to invest and discourage Israel from making bew settlements in the area. According to sources Hammas has warned president Obama not to visit Aqsa Mosque because it will create the tense situation more worst and Muslim countries will not remain silent on the issue.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

National Geographic Acheivements And Milestones-4

*-- During April 1979 a research carried out under the auspices of the National Geographic Society, a female anthropologist Mary Lekey didcovered 3.5 milliomn years old footprints These footprints were found in the form of fossils in the vulcanic ash in the area of Olduval Gorge in The East African country of Tanzania. alled Laetoli footprints are considered to be linked to the ancient groups of modern human beings. *-- George Bass from America is among the founders of searchers searching archaelogical things under the water. In 1984 with the financial support of the society he discovered remainants of a 3400 years old sunk ship in the Cape Gelidonya area of Southern Turkey and found wealth of antiques related to copper age.

Shrlyne's Nude Stunt From "Kamasutra 3 D" On Twitter

Famous for her striptease acts on Twitter, Shyrlene Chopra posted several nude posters and photos, stills and video clips from her forthcoming movie Kamasutra-3D on microblogging website. The pictures and videos go viral after going picked up by Indian Media. Almost like pre-mediated move the director reacts, miffed with Shrlyne for posting his movie clips. He goes to media and expresses his angst. Rupesh said "I was shocked to see the videos. While sharing the videos, I had specified it is not for public viewing, but she still went ahead and uploaded it without our permission. We were so upset with her unprofessional behaviour that we started to cosider other heroines. So far we shortlisted Eva Longoria and Mila Kunis. Kama Stra is a more p[opular concept in WEst than in India, so it does not matter whethjer actress is Indian or American." The starlet ws angery, and went berserk on Twitter and said she sought perssion to up;oad video clip of the photo shoot of the film on her You Tube Channel. But, with the shooting of Kama Sutra in progress there were least chances that Shrlyne will be replaced. However, some of the insiders say this could be a planned piblicity gimmick.

India-Afghan Front Is Financing Terrorism Against Pakistan-USA

An important speech of American nominated secretary defence Chake Hegel which he delivered in 2011 has been didclosed. In his speech he admitted that India-Afghan front is supporting terrorism activities against Pakistan. This front finanacially sponsored the terrorists to carry out terrorism in Pakistan. Foreign news agency further referring to Hegel's speech said that India has begun cold-war against Pakistan for the last few years. Afghan soil is being used for these activities. He said that using Afghanistan as second front by India for the last few years terrorism has risen in Pakistan increasing its problem to the highest level. This is what every Pakistani is saying but Pakistan's higher up are going to declare India as a favorite nation and love between Pak India rulers has increased. India is our Enemy why Pakistani rulers do not understand. Only Pak army understandsthis.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Unborn Babies Can Decipher Speeches-- New Study

Scietists say babies can decipherr speeches as early as three months before birth. The evidence came from brain scan of twelve babies born prematurely. At just 20 week's gestation, the babies appeared to dicriminate between different syllables like 'ga' and 'ba' as well as male and female voices. Writing in the Proceedings of National Academy of Sciences (PNAS), the French team said it was unlikely the babies' experience outside the womb would have affected their findings. The research lends suppoprt to the idea that babies develop language skills while still in the womb in response to their parents' voices. Experts already know that babies are able to hear noises in the womb-the ear and auditory part of the body that allow this are formed by around 23 weeks' gestation. But it is still debated that human are born with an innate ability tp process speech ot this is something acquired through learning after birth. The authors of the study in PNAS say enviromental factors are undoubtedly important, but based on their findings they believe linguistic process is innate. Dr Fabrice and colleagues say," Our results demonstrate that the human brain, at the very onset of the establishment of a cortical circuit for auditiry perception, already discriminate suble difference in speech syllables." But they add this that," this does not challenge the facts that experience is also crucial for their fine tuning and learning specific properties of native language." Prof Sophie Scott an expert in speech perception says," we know that babies ears can hear their mother's voice in the womb and pick up on the pitch and rhythm. "And they use this informatiom- newborn babies are soothed by their mother's voice from the minute they are born"

No Hurry To Marry--- Kim Admits In Latest Issue Of Cosmopolitan

Kim Kardashian admits in the latesty issue of Cosmopolitan that she was once hypocrite. Because she was proud of her curves and then sold out for unsafe dietary supplement? No. Because she admits that she once judged Kourtney Kardashian for getting knocked up without being married. "I was like," You are not married how could you do this", I was firm and strict " Kim said of her intial reaction to her sister's pregnancy. But she was like" Marriage is not what I want" and later I realized she had a better family life than I did" Marriage is" Something I know we both want in our future" Kardashian said, but I do not have have this sense of urgency about it. Yet do not get Kim werong, She insists Kanye is long-term man for her. I have always said that I wanted kids, but i do not think I would have ever been ready until now..

Madonna, The Highest Earning Singer of 2012

Hollywood singer Madonna became the highest earning singer during 2012. The 54-year Madonna is seconf time on the top for her earnings on the list of 40 runner upscelebrities of the annual report of Bill Board Magazine. She earned 32 millin dollars in 2012 and most of the earning 93.5 % was from the performance during the foreign visits. She remain on tour for 88 days last year. She topped the list in this regard in 2008.

Governor Sind Has Resigned From His Office

Governor Sind Dr Ishrat ulk Ibad has resigned from his office, but president Asif Ali Zardari has not accepted his resignation yet. Peoples Party is trying to that governor may withdraw resignation back. According to sources important decisions are expected regarding the resignation of governor Sind. On other side, spokesperson of president House Fasrhat Ullah said that no meeting was done between president and governor Sind in Dubai.

Monday, February 25, 2013

List of Winners And Nominees Of Oscars 2013

* Best Film:- Argo (winner), nominees were Amour, Beasts of the Southern Wild, Django unchained, Les Miserable, Lincoln, Life of Pi, Silver Linings Playbook and Zero Dark Thirty. *-- Best Director:- Ang Lee (Life Of Pi) Winner, nominees were Michael Heneke (Amour), David O Russel ( Silver Linings Playbook), Steven Spielberg (Lincol) and Ben Zietlin (Beasrs Of THe Southern Wild). *-- Best Actor:- Daniel Day-Lewis (Lincol), other nominees were Bradley Cooper (Silver Linings Palybook, Hugh Jackman ( Les Miserable ), Joaquin Phoenix (Master), and Denzil Washington Flight). *-- Best Actress:- Jennifer Lawrence( Silver Linings Playbook) Winner, other niminees were Emmanuelle Riva (Amour), Jessica Chastan (Zero Dark Thirty), Naomi Watts (The Impossible) and Quvenzhane allis (Beasrs Of The Southern Wild). In the Best supporting actor category winner is Chritoph Waltz for Django unchained and Best supporting actress award went to Anne Hathaway for Les Miserable.

Civil DisObedience Movement Begins In Egypt

Cvil disobedience movement began in Egypt against the Islamic government of president Morsi. The protesters occupied the important administration building yesterday and locked the building after expelling the staff. The Magaba building which is near the Tehrir Square and is the center of beaurucracy and is civil sectriate was occupied by the people. The protesters said they have started the movement to bring the real fruits of the revolution and will make the country free of mono[poly of Ekhwan ul Muslimoon. The peotesters have threatened to occupy the ministry of information and government TV. In the northern city of Kufrul Sheikh emploees attacked governor house, they were chanting slogans for their demands. On otherside in the city of Port Saeed the strike has enetered in the second day and all the businesscenters were closed. My Egyptian brothers! you have choosen a wrtong way, if you can not tolerate an Islamic government then secualr states is the dream of western countries and you will never get rid of civil war . May Allah Help You in the right path.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Six Tanks Of American Atomic Plant Are Emitting Radiation

Leakage in six tanks of the Hanford atomic reservation plant located in the Washington state of USA has been reported. According to media reports emission of radiation waste continues from the six tanks of the stomic plant, but the governor says it is not harmful at present for the human lives. According to the department of power and energy , the minister for power had alreasdy informed the governor Insali about leakage in one tank that has spreaded now to six tanks. Governor Insdaley has raised questions about the safety of 150 tanksfull of atomic wastes. According to the spokeperson of the stste there is a greater risks of leakage of other tanks. To a question spokesperson said that they did not know how much dangerous this emitted radiation was, however , it was a emission from the atomic waste and they had great concern about the leakage. It is noteworthy the atom bombs used on Heroshima and Nagasaki in Japan during World War II were prepared in the Hanford atomic plant. An American website about the atomic installations said , the last atomic reactor of this atomic plant was closed in 1987, however, the atomic wastes of the atomic weapons prepared had been stored on the site and that exists yet.

Majority Of Claimants Of Democracy In Pakistan Do Not Pay Taxes

Claiming sacrifices for the democracy and serving the masses daily during the the last five years, how much taxes out of their unlimited wealth these claimants pay taxes for strengthening democracy and the nation, can be judged from the following list of the parliamentarians of Pakistan. Total number of members in National Assembly is 342, among them only 90 members have submitted details of their assetts while 252 did not. In senate there are 104 senators and only 38 have submitted details of assets and taxes. Among the members of different political parties in national assembly, 35 from PPP, 27 from PML(N), 7 from PML(Q), 7 from MQM, two independent members and one from ANP have given details. Similarly, in Senate the members of different political parties who submitted tax and assett details inclide, PPP(24), PML(N) 8, PMLQ (2), MQM (5) and ANP ( 2). In addition, the situation of fake degree holders is not different even. The degrees of 60 persons are suspicious, the cases of 26 fake degrees are in session and district courts, while 18 have taken stay orders. Regarding the dual nationality, 212 out of 110 have dual citizenship. Supreme court has declared 11 parliamentarians inilligible for contesting elections, while eight casesare in the courts awaiting hearing. The number of members of national assembly who did not submit affadavits regarding dual nationality is 16. Allah Almight knows how many more have dual nationalities. The cases of corruption, plea bargaining and NRO's are in addition to that show the real faces of the people.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Drinking Three Cups Of Coffee Daily Saves You From Untimely Death

New research has proved that drinking three cups of coffee in the middle-age can increase life. According to American Institute of Cancer though drinking more caffeine is considerted harmful but the fact is that drinking more caffeine is likely to decrease the risks of dying from heart diseases, paralysis, wounds, infections and diabetes. The researcher Dr Neil Fredman said drinking two to three cups of coffee daily decreases the risk of dying before time up to 10-15 percent. However, he said more than three cups may have no benefits because in study no advantage was observed for more coffee. The benefits can be taken if no smoking is done.

Investment By Abu Dhabi Group In Pakistan---- Was It A Fake News?

Only a few days back leading print and electronic media published and aired as headline and Breaking News, about $45 billion investment by 'Abu Dhabi Group' coming to Pakistan, It was announced that the world's tallest building will be constructed in Pakistan and this huge investment ill creast 2.5 million job opportunities for young people. Some anchors even presented segments on this news. Full -page ads were published about the news but it was recently disclosed that it was unfortunate the discussion between the parties could not reach any positive conclusion and Memorundum of Understanding has been cancelled. How easily the National Media was used by a business tycoon and the huge ads have been appearing in the national media. How someone used the media was as important as how media allowed itself to be used. Will someone seek casrification from the business tycoon and will medias learnt something from this. It is reminded that how media were used by Investment Companies in Karachi and Corporates companies in Punjab during decade of 80's, due to which thousands of poor pensioners and other people lost their life long savings. The media regularly promoted them through advertisemnents and reporters could not write anything against them. After some time these companies disappeared after committing fraud. Is not it shamful on the part of Pakistani media publishing ads for money with out investigating the credibility of the news and ads.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Some Accepted Wrong Concepts

*--- Coldness Of Body:- It is a common concept that alcohol warm up the body. But according to latest research it is not correct. But, usually it is shown in the movies that one sip of alcohol warm up the body and crteates resustance against cold. But, actually, when one drinks alcohol it decreases the body temperature because aocohol makes the circulation of blood certain to different levela of body so heaqt gets out of the body. Tghough the drunk feels his body warmed. This fact was disclosed for the first time by Sarbi Ward Richerdson in 1856. *--- Air Travel And Mobile Phone:- It is commonly thought that use of mobile phone in the plane may cause crash or intrruption in the plane's communication system. Different aviation organisations have tested different electronic apparatuses 100 times during the g floight but these did not interrupt the communication of the flight.So, the stance of the American Aviation Administration is that there are no evidence of any negative impacts of using the cell phones or other electronic by the passengers during the flight. Therefore they said that they did not prohibit the use of mobiles or blackberry during the flight but it is left on the sole discretion of the airliones. So using the cell phone may make the flight staff worried bt it would cause the crash of the plane. After tyesting for decades now the ailines have permitted the use of cells during the flights.

National Geographic---- Mile Stones And Achievements-3

*---The Agust 1956 issue of National Geographic magazine published the pictures of the third deepest site under the 25,000 feet deep in the Atlantic Ocean. Romanche was the deepest place under the sera at that time. *--- In the September 1960 issue of the magazine an article was published in which a couple expert in Fossils Louis and Mary Leakey disclosed that they have discovered a human fossil around the suberbs of Tanzania that can be the ancester of present humans. The discovery of bone fossil under the auspices of the society was given the name of Zinganthropus that was nearly two million years old. *--- First May 1963 was the day when any first American had climbed the highest peak Mount Everest. This adventure was done with the collaboration of the society by Jim Wittaker. *--- On July 20, 1969 when "Apollo 11" landed on moon, due to cooperation and financial assistance in the mission the astronautes carried the flag of National Geographic Society.

Adele, Emeli And Ben Hoard Win Brit Awards

Sande won best British female and British album while Howard scooped best British male and breakthrough. Adele won best single for her James Bond theme 'Skyfall'- but she was at the event, instead choosing to rehearse for the Oscars at Los Angeles. She sent a vedeo message referring to last year's ceremony, when her best album acceptance speech weas cut short. "Thank you so much for this Brit award, it means a lot' She said. Sande had gone into the event with four nominations in total, including two in the best single category. Her triumph in the best British female category meant there was no posthumous win for Amy Winehouse. Accepting the best album statuette Sande spoke of her herself 'as a very unlikely pop star". " This is an album I wote because I did not have the confidence to say these things in person" she told the ctowd. Sande's debute album Our Version Of The Events was the most popular album of 2012 in the Uk selling 1.4 million copies. Folk rock band Mumford and sons were named best British group and Marcus Mumford said"We were not really expecting that" Their win came 10 days after the group's LP Babel took the album of the year trophy at the Grammy Award in Los Angelers. Songer-songwriter Ben Howard was a surprise winner best British brekthrough, beating the bookmaker's favorite Rita Ora. Coldplay won best Brirish live act, beating The Rolling Stones, who were nominated 35 years after they were shortlisted for the first ever Brit Award.

Pakistan Will Face Sanctions If Signed On Gas Pipeline Agreement With Iran--USA

Spkesperson US foreign office Marry Noland has said that Pakistan must stay away from the joint power projects with Iran , otherwise sanctions can be imposed on Pakistan. She said we have cleared on all the world countries including Pakistan that they can face santions if they any deal with Iran is done under the recolutions of UN and American Law. She said US is aware of power crisis in Pakistan and new projects with the cooperatioin of Us can be initiate instead of joint projects with Iran. The USA is already working with Pakistan on the improvement of Tarbela and , Mangla Dams, increase the electricity production of Guddu, Jamshoro and Muzaffargarh power plants while, USA is jointly working with Pakistan on new power projects of SatParo and Gomal Dam.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Case Against Pakistani Ambassador To USA For Blasphemous Remarks Has Been Registered

On the application of a civilian Fahim Gul of Multan, a case against Sherry Rahman Pakistani Ambassador to the USA under blasphemy law has been registered by Multan police. The appelant in his applkication stted that Sherry Rahman in a talks on private TV channel in a Program "Dunya Mera Agay" on November 30, 2010, uttered some words that come undfer the blasphemy law. Spokesperson of Foreign affairs expressed unawareness of any case against her but said if it is so then it is in her personal capacity and she will present her stance on the isse. SSP of Multan told that evidences are being collected regarding the case. On the earlier application police did not take notice of it then the applicant filed application in supreme court that directed the police to do the needful. But even then no action was taken. Applicant filed petetion in Multan bench of Lahore High Court and cort directed police to register the case.

In China Unmarried Over-27 Are Called 'Leftover' Women

Over 27 still Unmarried female, In China, could be labelled "leftover women" by the state. But some professional women in days are happy being single. But most of the women get scary and under pressure when they cross the age of 27-years and being unmarried. Like Huang, who is confident, personable, young woman with a good salary, own apartment, MA degree from a top Chinese university, stil she knows that these days single, urban, educated women like her in China are called 'Sheng nu' or "leftover" women and she says, it stings. Even the websites of the government supposedly feminists All-China Women Federation featured articles about "leftover women", until enough women complained. State-run media started using the term 'Sheng nu' in 2007. The same year the government warned the China's gender imbalance- caused by selective abortion because of one child policy, was a serious problem. The National Bureau of Statistics says there are now more than 20 million men under 30 than women under 30. Ever since 2007, state media have aggressively dissiminated this term in surveys, news reports, columns, cartoons and pictures, basically stigmatising educated women over the age of 27 or 30 who are still single. Census figures for China show that around one women out of five aged 25-29 unmarried. The proportion of unmarried men that age id higher -over a third. But that doers not mean they will easily match-up, since Chinese men tend to 'marry down', both in terms of age and educational attainment. There is an opinion that A-quality guys will find B-quality and B-quality men will find C-quality women and so on a so forth. So leftover women are A quality. It is just opposite situation in Pakistan , where guys seek highly educated woman with hansome salary and own house, whatever the age of woman may be. And the guy may be low educated even, but will find wealthy woman to marry. Some local governments in China have organised matchmaking events where educated young women can meet eligible bachelors. The goal is not to improve gene pool but get as many men paired off and tied as possible to reduce the army of restless unmarried men who could cause social havoc.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Poverty Rate Is Higher In Muslim Rural Population In India

According to United Nation Development Program {UNDP} the poverty rate is the highest in Mulims living in the rural areas of Indian states Asaam, UP, Gujrat and West Bengal. The country director of UNDP said that 47 % poverty prevails in tribal areas while 42 % of the scheduled cast people are very poor. He said as far as the poverty on the basis of religion is concerned the highest rate is among the Muslims. India considers the people poor only those who earn less than Rs 28 per day. It is one-third of a dollar. While the lowest rate of poverty is among the Chritians in India.

Diamond Light Source Center In UK For Studying Structures Of Viruses

The UK's national synchrotrone facility-The Diamond Light Source near Oxford to become world center for studying structures of viruses and bacteria causing serious diseases. Diamond uses intense x-rays to reveal the molecular and atomic make-up of objects and materials. It will use now this capability to image Containement Level-3 pathogens. Thee are responsible for illness such as Aids, hepatitis ans some types of flu. Level 3 is one step down from the most dangerous infectious agents, such as Ebola which can only be handled in most secre facilities of govrnment. Viruses as is known are tiny nanomachines that can not be seen under normal microscope. But with the crystalliography and x-rays. Dave Stuart director of life sciences at Diamond said "the techniques we use, we are able to get about 10,000 times the resolution of notmal light microscope" He added, "this takes us from the regime of not being able to see them to being able to see individual atoms" and we can look at 'live' viruses and get an atomic level description of them, it opens up the possibility of usinmg modern drug-design techniques to produce new pharmaceuticals."

First Lady Michelle Obama Calls Her New Bangs A Midlife Crisis

First lady Michelle Obama calls her new bangs a midlife crisis. If it is true it is a relatively tame and fasionable one. Michelle who debuted a new hairstyle last month on her 49th birthday, reveals that her decision to chop her locks was "my decision of getting a little wild." Hey, with the Secret Service around, one can get only so wild. Well, unless one is a member of Secret Serrvice, in which case hookers galore! Anyway, "This is my mid-life crisis, the bangs" She joked to Rafael Jay, I could not get a sports car, I can not bungee jump, so instead I cut my bangs." Even president Barack Obama coud not resist giving a nod to Mechelle Obama's bangs in a speech prior to his second inauguration on January 20. "To address the most significant event of the weekend," the Commander-in -Chief began, I love herr bangs, she looks good, she always looks good."

Hafeez Sheikh Is Likely To Be Appointed Chief Minister Sindh In Care Taker Set Up

Federal Finance Minister Dr Abdul Hafeez Sheikh has resigned from his office and it is possible that he may be appointed care taker chief minister of Sindh. For which he will have to resign as senator. If not as chief ministr sindh then he may be assigned some other imporant responsibilities. Saleem Mandiwala has been sworn in as Finance Minister.

Scotland Yard Did Not Allow Altaf Hussain To Meet Raja Parvez Ashraf

During the recent visit of Prime Minister Raja Parvez Ashraf was not allowed to meet Altaf Hussain as Scotland Yard did not permit Altaf Hussain for the meeting. Scotland Yard said if Altaf Hussain insists to meet PM then one representative of police wil be present during the meeting. According to informed sources the investigation of Dr Imran Farooq have entered in a critical phase and strict monitoring of MQM 's london secretriate is being done. Altaf Hussain has become more careful than before and did not attend in some important already decided appointments. Among them include some important adresses. Sources also told that security forves of Britain have also differences on the issue that reached to peak during PM's visit.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Agreement Of Handing Over Gwadar Port To China Signed

Pakistan and China have signed an agreement under which the management of Gwadar Port will be handed over to China. Port will remain the property of Pakistan and China Company will be share holder in profit. Company will construct road from Gwadar to Ratto Dero and establish economic zone in Gwadar. With the construction of road transporttion charges will come down to half. What will be the reaction of the USA it will be known with the passage of the time. At present USA is silent as it needs Pakistan for reconcilation with Taliban.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Talks With Taliban---- Does Pakistan Want Safe Withdrawl Of NATO Forces?

Pakustan became the front line ally of the USA against Taliban and got enter the war of the USA into Pakistan in the shape of drone attacks, bomb blasts, attacks on police, security forces and civilians. More than 35000 lives have been sacrificed for the cause of the USA. It was not our war but government of Pakistan the "Slave" and puppet of the USA made it Pakistan's war. The officials of American and NATO forces have not been killed in the number the innocent Pakistanis have been killed. The USA uses Pakistan when it needs, otherwise it had never been sincere with Pakistan and Pakistanis. Now it again needs Pakistan to get safe path to withdraw its forces with out being hurt and to take back arms worth billions of dollars. It has dictated its slaves in Pakistan to do the needful for the USA on any cost whether it has to sacrifice whole nation, national cause or what ever. USA has ordered Pakistan to talk to Taliban and must reach to some compromise for the safety of America and NATO forces. Taliban will never trust any government official and they have declared the duarantee of Nawaz Sharif, Maulana Fazal Rahman and Munawwar Hassan. But to whom they will talk. Though they have not given their consent yet. Maulana Sahib had a vist of Qatar where Taliban have opened their office. It means that Fazal Rahman is on the way to arrange for talks and clear the way of the USA. May be the USA make him the next president or prime minister. The USA will definetely give biilion of dollars to Taliban as bribery for not attacking its trailors loaded with arms and weapons, but arms and ammunition are most basis need of Taliban that they require. How they will let it go free of cost. Another thing to which group the Pakistani middlemen will talk? Is the leader MullaUmar of real Taliban ready to talk? While ANP arranged meeting about the negotiation with Taliban continued, KPK chief Minister's Caravan was attacked? is there any indication of consent of Taliban to talk?