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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Scotland Yard Did Not Allow Altaf Hussain To Meet Raja Parvez Ashraf

During the recent visit of Prime Minister Raja Parvez Ashraf was not allowed to meet Altaf Hussain as Scotland Yard did not permit Altaf Hussain for the meeting. Scotland Yard said if Altaf Hussain insists to meet PM then one representative of police wil be present during the meeting. According to informed sources the investigation of Dr Imran Farooq have entered in a critical phase and strict monitoring of MQM 's london secretriate is being done. Altaf Hussain has become more careful than before and did not attend in some important already decided appointments. Among them include some important adresses. Sources also told that security forves of Britain have also differences on the issue that reached to peak during PM's visit.

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