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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Kate Upton Covers Sports Illustrated Smimsuit Issue

Although she scored back- to- back years as cover model for sports illustrated's famous swimsuit issue, the bigger news about (+)Kate Upton's 2013 cover may be the photo itself. Unlike her 2012 cover, which depicted the supermodel in a skimpy bikini, the foxy Floridian wore no bathing suit top yhis year, although part of her breasts were dtratagically coverd by a fur-lined parka. Shot in Antactica, "Kate Upton goes Polar Bare", photo seems like an obvious ploy for the sports magazine to sell more copies of its most popular issue, using a sexy playboyesque photo to spark free media chatters. Of course sports magazine is not the only magazine to push the envelope on good taste with its magazine covers. Over the years, popular periodicals from Vanity Fair to Newsweek have published daring covers that demand a second look.

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