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Sunday, February 3, 2013

National Geographic Magazine---- A Long Journey Of Research And Knowledge

National Geographic Society is the acheivement of some inspiring researchers who founded the society on January 27, 1888. This is the shady thick tree and National Geographic Magazine is one of its strong branches. Its first issue was published just nine months after beginning of the society. The knowledge seekers saw its first issue in October, 1888. Today too the National Geographic Society and National Geographic Magazine after successfully completing 125 maevellous years of its journey are heading on the path of finding new destinations of search and knowledge. One hundred and twenty five years before in the city of Wasgington DC in America a few rich, educated and adventurous people constituted a group for their research and knowledge activities. They gathered in the "Cosmos Club" established in Washington since 1878 and planned their determinations. The group of 33 richest and adventurous people decided on January 13, 1888 to founding a society through which they could make the people aware of the geographical facts of the globe. After documentary preparations and completing other formalities they founded National Geographic Society on January 27, 1888, whose first president was welknown businessman, lawyer and human-freindly personality Gardiner Greene HUbbard, the father-in-law of the inventor of telephone Alexender Graham Bell. After the deasth of Hubbard Graham Bell was selected the president in 1897. Two years after Graham Bell in 1899 his son-in-law and the founder of Photo Journalism, Gilbert Hovey Grosvenor was made the president of this important society that remained for 45 years till 1954. Gilbet was mostly known and was famouus as a full-time editor of National Geographic Magazine rather than the president of the society. Under his editorship the National Geographic Magazine was ranked as the top most of research.

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