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Friday, February 22, 2013

National Geographic---- Mile Stones And Achievements-3

*---The Agust 1956 issue of National Geographic magazine published the pictures of the third deepest site under the 25,000 feet deep in the Atlantic Ocean. Romanche was the deepest place under the sera at that time. *--- In the September 1960 issue of the magazine an article was published in which a couple expert in Fossils Louis and Mary Leakey disclosed that they have discovered a human fossil around the suberbs of Tanzania that can be the ancester of present humans. The discovery of bone fossil under the auspices of the society was given the name of Zinganthropus that was nearly two million years old. *--- First May 1963 was the day when any first American had climbed the highest peak Mount Everest. This adventure was done with the collaboration of the society by Jim Wittaker. *--- On July 20, 1969 when "Apollo 11" landed on moon, due to cooperation and financial assistance in the mission the astronautes carried the flag of National Geographic Society.

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