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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

First Lady Michelle Obama Calls Her New Bangs A Midlife Crisis

First lady Michelle Obama calls her new bangs a midlife crisis. If it is true it is a relatively tame and fasionable one. Michelle who debuted a new hairstyle last month on her 49th birthday, reveals that her decision to chop her locks was "my decision of getting a little wild." Hey, with the Secret Service around, one can get only so wild. Well, unless one is a member of Secret Serrvice, in which case hookers galore! Anyway, "This is my mid-life crisis, the bangs" She joked to Rafael Jay, I could not get a sports car, I can not bungee jump, so instead I cut my bangs." Even president Barack Obama coud not resist giving a nod to Mechelle Obama's bangs in a speech prior to his second inauguration on January 20. "To address the most significant event of the weekend," the Commander-in -Chief began, I love herr bangs, she looks good, she always looks good."

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