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Friday, February 1, 2013

Kamal Hassan's Movie Banned In Tamil Nado, India

Chief Minister of Tamil Nado, India Jay Lalita has said there was no way except to ban the releases of Kamal Hassan's movie in Tamil Nado after he refused to edit the controvertial scenes. Lalita also rejected the allegations of banning the film due to revenge. She said some Muslim groups had criticized several scennes of film "Vishoroopam" and keeping in view the threat of law and order situation in the state the release of the film was banned. About the question of number of police deployed she said there were information that after the release of the film violence incidents may take place so the arrangements were done priorly to handle any untoward incident. Jay Lalita said if Kamal wanted to solve the problem he could talk to Musliom organization but he delayed the tyalks with Muslims. If both the parties could have reached to some cpmpromize the state would have cooperated. Muslim leaders and organization terming the film based on sectarian issues had demanded to ban its release. They had also announced to protest against the release of the film. Earkier The Muslim organizations had screened the film and after watching it they said this film cuould destroy the secratarian harmony. Kamal wanted to releae it on Direct To Home System (DTH) but afterthe protest of Tasmil Nado theater owners it was decided to releae it on DTH system after one of releasing it on theaters. Kamal had file an applicatin Madras high court after the annoumncement of its ban in Tamil Nado.

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