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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Majority Of Claimants Of Democracy In Pakistan Do Not Pay Taxes

Claiming sacrifices for the democracy and serving the masses daily during the the last five years, how much taxes out of their unlimited wealth these claimants pay taxes for strengthening democracy and the nation, can be judged from the following list of the parliamentarians of Pakistan. Total number of members in National Assembly is 342, among them only 90 members have submitted details of their assetts while 252 did not. In senate there are 104 senators and only 38 have submitted details of assets and taxes. Among the members of different political parties in national assembly, 35 from PPP, 27 from PML(N), 7 from PML(Q), 7 from MQM, two independent members and one from ANP have given details. Similarly, in Senate the members of different political parties who submitted tax and assett details inclide, PPP(24), PML(N) 8, PMLQ (2), MQM (5) and ANP ( 2). In addition, the situation of fake degree holders is not different even. The degrees of 60 persons are suspicious, the cases of 26 fake degrees are in session and district courts, while 18 have taken stay orders. Regarding the dual nationality, 212 out of 110 have dual citizenship. Supreme court has declared 11 parliamentarians inilligible for contesting elections, while eight casesare in the courts awaiting hearing. The number of members of national assembly who did not submit affadavits regarding dual nationality is 16. Allah Almight knows how many more have dual nationalities. The cases of corruption, plea bargaining and NRO's are in addition to that show the real faces of the people.

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