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Saturday, February 2, 2013

The Highest Number Of Registered Political Parties In Pakistan--- A World Record

There have been 216 political parties registered with the Election Commission Of Pakistan that will take part in the next general election for 266 national assembly seats. No where in the world that much political parties have participated so far. (May be called a world record, All the Pakistan's records are extra ordinary. Intersting thing is that there are no more election symbols left with the election commision to be alloted due to huge number of parties. Now election commission is searching for more symbols. Election commission had 173 symbols that have been already alloted. In the 2008 election 147 election symbols were alloted. However, 114 parties out 216 have not conducted partiy elections. So according to the election commssion rules they can not take part in the next election. Chief Election Commssioner Fakhrud Din G Ibrahim has announced that parties who have not submitted certificates of party election and audit reports will not be eligible to participate in the next election. It is noteworthy that major political parties of the country have not concucted internal elections since long. For example the menifesto of PPP indicates that party elections will be held after every two years, but the latest election was held seven years before. The menifesto of PTI says party election would be held after every four years but its last party election was held in 2002, however, now a days process of party is going on. Among the other major parties, PML(N) had party belection last year, similarly, Jamaat E Islami and MQM had conducted party elections during 2012. While PML(Q) had held party elections in 2009, there it will be illigible for the general elections. Other parties that may be declared inilligible to participate in the general elections are Muslim League (F), Mutaheda Majlis e Amal and Jamhoori Watan Party. Other intersting thing is that in the eyes of the law PPP and its Chairman Bilawal Zardari have no value. PPP had contested the 2008 elections from the platefarm of PPP Parliamentarian and this party is registered with the election commission whose chairman is Makhdoom Amin Fahim. Actually Parvez Musharraf regime had included a condition while constitutiong new election laws that the head the party registering itself with the election commission must be present in Pakistan. As Late BaNazir was out of the country so before the 2002 elections PPP had constituted the aforementioned party and took part in the elections under this name. Since then PPP is contesting elections with this party name. Now it may again change the name of the party as PPP because the heirs of the party are Asif Zardari and his children.

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