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Monday, February 11, 2013

Rapid Mass Transit Metro Bus System Inaugurated In Lahore

The Metro Bus system is in Lahore criticized by those politicians who could not initiate any welfare project and are jelious that Shahbaz Sharif has scored points to be used in next elections. They do not have any concern for the facilitation of the people. They just object on beneficial and fruitful project of their political rivals hust for the sake of objection. They do not care how many people will benefot from any project. The most modern and rapidbus service system constructed and initiated in a record duration of time is exampalary. This bus system in Lahore has brought it at par with London America in this regard. It was built with a cost of Rs 30 billion and is 27 kilometer long with a minimal fare of Rs 20. Buses will be available every thrtee minute. The blogger congratrulates Shahbaz Sharif on this mass transit bus system that will facilitate the masses. The Punjab chief minister did a lot for other cities too. He got constructed Flyover at 6th road in Rawalpindi in a record time of three months. We do not have any concerrns with hispolitiocal gains but we see that how much peope have the benefit. Thetraffic jam on Murree road during peak hours had quees fronm 6th road to double road but now traffic flowhas become smooth and no traffic jam occues. All these projects are for the benefit of the people whether he gets its reward in election or not we do not care. The VIP's who get clean roads with blocking the common men on roads do not know how much the people are in trouble in Rawalpindi and Islamabad by the wagon that the divers stop the service when gas is not available or rause the fares when they want. Stop hours and housat Faizabad for passengers and those travelling from Saddar get tired of long journeys. Wagon drivers have no fear of traffic wardens and they do not care for the trouble of the passengers. There was once Varen bus service the most comfortable but due to politics that was closed. There is no other alternative for the commuters to travel between ERawalpindi and Islamabadexcept to travel by wagons. There will no bus fare charges for the first month and people will travel free of cost then after one month fare will be fiixed that may not be more than Rs 20. Buses will start from 0615 to 1030 Pm and accordinmg to demands of the people timings can be extended. The track of the buses is the same that was approved by an international comany for the light train service. May my Allah give a Shahbaz Sharif to the capital who could start a metro bus service for the people of Rawalpindi and Islamabad. Hell with all others.

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