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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

National Geographic Magazine Earned Several Awards Including "Magazine Of The Year"

Magazine got famous within very limited time after its first issue came into the hands of the readers. Specially the January 1905 issue that published pictures of different places of the mysterious city Lahasa in Tibet, brought international fame to the magazine. Due to its innovative style of publication the magazine was awarded variousinternational awards. Among them are Magazine of the year award 2011, Excellency award from American Society of Editors, best magazine of the year and that of best photo journalism. On some specific occasions the magazine publishes articles on one topic. The special issue envisages some specific region of the world, or a vanushing civilization of the past, any special event, biological processes, or new development taking place in the universe. The magazine's issue of January 1967, is far more important for the Muslim community as it published the picture of two little girls celebrating Eid ul Fitr (Muslim's Religious Festival After the Month Of Ramazan) on the title page. While in the journal a research/investigave article entitling, " Pakistan Problem of Two-part land" was published, in which the risks of breaking of Pakistan into two pieces was indicated. And after only four years of the publication Pakistan was cut into two pieces by the incapability of the Pakistani politicians, agression of India and world powers. And the fears of the Magazine got correct. Similarly, the Magazine published valuable information about the discovery of the archeological ruins of Harrapa and Mohen Jo Daro in Pakistan. In addition, a detailed article comprising of eight-pages about the economic and social background of Pakistan was published in the issue of September 2007. In 2006, the investigator and reporter of the National Geographic Magazine Paul Slopek was arrested in Sudan on the accusation of spying but later he was released. The story aboit his arrest and release was published in the nmagazine. After 70 years of its publication July 1959, the Magazine published a color picture of American flag on title page for the first time that showed 49 stars made on the flag after inclusion of Alaska in the United States. The first edition of the magazine in Arabic language was published in October 2010, while first non-english edition of the journal in Japanese language was published in 1995.

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