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Friday, February 1, 2013

Helpless Wives Of Pakistani- British Citizens

The number of such wives is increasing in Pakistan who Pakistan Born British or Britain born Pakistani husbands left them helpless in the country and snatched the children. The number is especially increassing in Azad Kashmir whose majority of people live in Britain. The Pakistani girls get happy when they listen to be married to British Pakstasni but when they migrate to Britain the husbands do not treat them properly because most of the youing men are forced to marry by parents in Pakistan to the relatives. They do not adjust with the Pakistani girls or Pakiostani girls can not adopt the free style life of the West so clashesbegan and husbands leave them back in Pakistan and usually kids are snatched and taken back to Britain. There are many tragedic stories of a number of Nasreens and Parveens who are living helplessly without husbands and children in Pakistan. An NGO in Britain solved twenty cases like this but the head of the NGO Mary says that this number was a very meagre otherwise there are hunded of such cases. Actually the wives left in Pakistan have no right for stipend or file the case in Britain courts. If they are divorced in Britain then they cold have the right to sue the ex husbands for the right of kids and other living expenses.

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