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Monday, February 25, 2013

Civil DisObedience Movement Begins In Egypt

Cvil disobedience movement began in Egypt against the Islamic government of president Morsi. The protesters occupied the important administration building yesterday and locked the building after expelling the staff. The Magaba building which is near the Tehrir Square and is the center of beaurucracy and is civil sectriate was occupied by the people. The protesters said they have started the movement to bring the real fruits of the revolution and will make the country free of mono[poly of Ekhwan ul Muslimoon. The peotesters have threatened to occupy the ministry of information and government TV. In the northern city of Kufrul Sheikh emploees attacked governor house, they were chanting slogans for their demands. On otherside in the city of Port Saeed the strike has enetered in the second day and all the businesscenters were closed. My Egyptian brothers! you have choosen a wrtong way, if you can not tolerate an Islamic government then secualr states is the dream of western countries and you will never get rid of civil war . May Allah Help You in the right path.

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