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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

India-Afghan Front Is Financing Terrorism Against Pakistan-USA

An important speech of American nominated secretary defence Chake Hegel which he delivered in 2011 has been didclosed. In his speech he admitted that India-Afghan front is supporting terrorism activities against Pakistan. This front finanacially sponsored the terrorists to carry out terrorism in Pakistan. Foreign news agency further referring to Hegel's speech said that India has begun cold-war against Pakistan for the last few years. Afghan soil is being used for these activities. He said that using Afghanistan as second front by India for the last few years terrorism has risen in Pakistan increasing its problem to the highest level. This is what every Pakistani is saying but Pakistan's higher up are going to declare India as a favorite nation and love between Pak India rulers has increased. India is our Enemy why Pakistani rulers do not understand. Only Pak army understandsthis.

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