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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Swiss Response Creates Panic In PPP--Cases Against Zardari Can Be Re-Opened

A letter from Swiss government written in French received four days before that government tries to keep secret, has created a great panic in the ranks of ruling PPP government. The letter when translated in English worried the high ranks in the government as Swiss government informed Pakistan that it was going to take back the letter written previously by former attorney general Abdul Qayyum. So it means the the cases may start as it maintains the status of the cases as were at the stage of closure. Law minister Farooq H Naek is held responsible for new development who had proposed government to write the letter as it would have no harm. According to sources Farooq H Naek had visited Geneva and collected the information that as thelegal time to re-open the cases had passed so letter would make no difference and Pakistani people and apex court will get satisfied. Because former prime minister continously used to say president had immunity. Where is the immunity? When cases against Marcos of Phillipine and other corrupt world leaders could be opened why not against Pakistani leaders? Farooq H Naek had convinced the government in the light of the information he gathered from Switzerland. Government is not going to confirm the receipt of the letter though the letter in French was received by Pakistan a few days earlier. The letter clearly indicated that there is greater possibility that cases against Zardari would be re-opened soon. The breaking

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