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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Gulf Craze--- Kerala's Married Widows Waiting For Husbands, In India

The married women in the Malam pur village of Southern state of Kerala in India, having Muslim majority, wait for their husbands for whole life. They are married in the young age to the men working in Persian Gulf States. They can live with husbands for a few months and then wait life long. The men have craze for working in the Gulf states. The young married women are suffering from mental worries and diseases due to lonllness. This alarming situation has created problems for the society as well as for the state governmenr. Government is establishing hospitals and appointing psychiatrists to treat mentallu sick young married women. The people are mostly poor and after life long labor in the gulf countries when they return back they feel unfamiliarity in the family even their kidsand wives do not feel any affiliation for them as it would have been if they were with them. Some return back empty handed because they can not earn too much to save for old age. This is the problem prevailing not only in Kerala but other poor countries of south assia like Pakistan.

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