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Monday, February 11, 2013

Sentenced By NAB Or Getting Loan Remittance Will Not Be Illegible For Elections

Election Commission of Pakistan has decided regarding the scrutiny of tyhe candidates contesting election that those who have been sentenced by NAB or those who have gotton remittance of loans from banks will be allowed to participate in the coming elections. In another important meeting of the election commission mechanism will be constituted to declare those inilligible for contesting elections who got plea-bargain by the NAB (refunding minor percentage of corruption money and getting clean-handed), tax-evaders, bank defaulters, any family member of a person who got loan remittance or a person having loan of Rs two billion and not returning in fixed duration, defaulters of gas and electricity utility bills more than Rs 10, 000. All these are the rules under article 62 of the constitution that people want to be implemented. But, has the elction commission courage to block the path of corrupt politicians to contest elections?. What about fake degree holders? May Allah betowe election commission to stop the corrupt people. All these are responsible to make the country begger and filled their pockets.

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