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Sunday, February 10, 2013

National Geographic Society--Mile Stones And Acheivements---1

*-- During the year from 1890 and 1891, the first team with the coperation of the society joint venture was carried out in the iced Alaska. Headed by one of the founder members of the society, the teanm noy only mapped the area but also discovered the highest peak in Canada The "Mount Logan". *-- On April 6, 1909, Robert Peary and a black American Mathew Henson were the first two persons who reached to the North Pole with the cooperation of the society and added a new chapter to the history book. *-- In the years between 1912 to 1915, a team was consdtituted under the leadership of an American Hiran Bingham that explored and excavated a buried city in Peru, in Latin America that was 2430 meter above the ssea level. This buried city "Macho Maecho" relate to the ancient civilization "Enka" of Peru. The adventure was sponsored financially the society. The April 1913 issue of the National Geographic was completely published with reference to the discovery of "Macho Paecho" In the recognition of its discoveries of archeological sites and its services, the government of Peru waeded the society with its highest civil award "Orden Den Sold el Peru".

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