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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Six Tanks Of American Atomic Plant Are Emitting Radiation

Leakage in six tanks of the Hanford atomic reservation plant located in the Washington state of USA has been reported. According to media reports emission of radiation waste continues from the six tanks of the stomic plant, but the governor says it is not harmful at present for the human lives. According to the department of power and energy , the minister for power had alreasdy informed the governor Insali about leakage in one tank that has spreaded now to six tanks. Governor Insdaley has raised questions about the safety of 150 tanksfull of atomic wastes. According to the spokeperson of the stste there is a greater risks of leakage of other tanks. To a question spokesperson said that they did not know how much dangerous this emitted radiation was, however , it was a emission from the atomic waste and they had great concern about the leakage. It is noteworthy the atom bombs used on Heroshima and Nagasaki in Japan during World War II were prepared in the Hanford atomic plant. An American website about the atomic installations said , the last atomic reactor of this atomic plant was closed in 1987, however, the atomic wastes of the atomic weapons prepared had been stored on the site and that exists yet.

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