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Monday, February 4, 2013

National Geographic Magazine Is Dispensing Valuable Information And Knowledge All Over The World

With the constitution of National Geographic Society the planners realized that a journal must be published under the banner of the society ro give details of the research activities to the common man. So the first issue of the magazine was published in October 1888. All the research, discoveries and adventure activities of the National Geographic Society were stated publishing in the magazine. This series of published activities were liked so much by the people that they took the Society as a branch of the National Geographic Magazine. The magazine soon became the symbol of the society. From the beginning of the publication of the journal different interesting topics like geography, popular science, history of the world, general history, culture, and inventions were included. The editor of the Magazine Gilbert Hovey Grosvenor tried to include pictures in the magazine for the people who could not read but looking at the photos they were able to know the hidden secrets of the world and the universe. Havig a price of $0.25 the magazine intriduced the masses to the journalistic science. All the leading newspapers of the world started publishing the articles of the National Geographic Magazine. The Magazine has 8.5 million members in the world. According to the 2011 statistics it is published in 36 languages of the world, while its annual circulation is 8.3 million out of which 5 million is in the USA. The National Geographic Magazine having title page in yellow frame has published 1500 issues so far. In the magazione the reaearch material on almost all the important topics of the world has been published. The welknown photographerCgris Johns is working as editor-in-chief in its Washington office. He is the first photographer in the 125 year history of the magazine who reached to this status. While the vice president of the National Geographic Sciety Declane Moore is the legal advisor of the magazine who takes care of all the legal affairs.

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