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Monday, February 18, 2013

Talks With Taliban---- Does Pakistan Want Safe Withdrawl Of NATO Forces?

Pakustan became the front line ally of the USA against Taliban and got enter the war of the USA into Pakistan in the shape of drone attacks, bomb blasts, attacks on police, security forces and civilians. More than 35000 lives have been sacrificed for the cause of the USA. It was not our war but government of Pakistan the "Slave" and puppet of the USA made it Pakistan's war. The officials of American and NATO forces have not been killed in the number the innocent Pakistanis have been killed. The USA uses Pakistan when it needs, otherwise it had never been sincere with Pakistan and Pakistanis. Now it again needs Pakistan to get safe path to withdraw its forces with out being hurt and to take back arms worth billions of dollars. It has dictated its slaves in Pakistan to do the needful for the USA on any cost whether it has to sacrifice whole nation, national cause or what ever. USA has ordered Pakistan to talk to Taliban and must reach to some compromise for the safety of America and NATO forces. Taliban will never trust any government official and they have declared the duarantee of Nawaz Sharif, Maulana Fazal Rahman and Munawwar Hassan. But to whom they will talk. Though they have not given their consent yet. Maulana Sahib had a vist of Qatar where Taliban have opened their office. It means that Fazal Rahman is on the way to arrange for talks and clear the way of the USA. May be the USA make him the next president or prime minister. The USA will definetely give biilion of dollars to Taliban as bribery for not attacking its trailors loaded with arms and weapons, but arms and ammunition are most basis need of Taliban that they require. How they will let it go free of cost. Another thing to which group the Pakistani middlemen will talk? Is the leader MullaUmar of real Taliban ready to talk? While ANP arranged meeting about the negotiation with Taliban continued, KPK chief Minister's Caravan was attacked? is there any indication of consent of Taliban to talk?

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