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Friday, February 22, 2013

Some Accepted Wrong Concepts

*--- Coldness Of Body:- It is a common concept that alcohol warm up the body. But according to latest research it is not correct. But, usually it is shown in the movies that one sip of alcohol warm up the body and crteates resustance against cold. But, actually, when one drinks alcohol it decreases the body temperature because aocohol makes the circulation of blood certain to different levela of body so heaqt gets out of the body. Tghough the drunk feels his body warmed. This fact was disclosed for the first time by Sarbi Ward Richerdson in 1856. *--- Air Travel And Mobile Phone:- It is commonly thought that use of mobile phone in the plane may cause crash or intrruption in the plane's communication system. Different aviation organisations have tested different electronic apparatuses 100 times during the g floight but these did not interrupt the communication of the flight.So, the stance of the American Aviation Administration is that there are no evidence of any negative impacts of using the cell phones or other electronic by the passengers during the flight. Therefore they said that they did not prohibit the use of mobiles or blackberry during the flight but it is left on the sole discretion of the airliones. So using the cell phone may make the flight staff worried bt it would cause the crash of the plane. After tyesting for decades now the ailines have permitted the use of cells during the flights.

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