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Friday, February 8, 2013

Having Qadiani Background Asma Jahangir Will Not Be Accepted As Care-Taker PM

The convenor of Coordination Committee Pakistan of Mutahedda Tahreek Khatm E Nabuwat Abdul Latif Khalid Cheema has said the those who presented the name of Asma Jahangir for care-taker prime minister aims at delaying the elections and to strengthen the world compaign against Islamic laws in the constitution. Those who gave consesus on the name of AsmaJahangir will be held accountable in the next elections. A protest demonstration will be held on Friday throughout the country against those who included the name of Asma Jahangir in the list. Addressing the press conference in Lahore the religious scholars hailing from Jammet e Ulema e Islam (S) and (F) and others said the woman who is against the ideology of Pakistan and humiliating the Islamic laws can never be accepted as care-taker prime minister. They said that Asma had Qadiani background and on May 17, 1986 in a seminar she opposed the Islamic laws and used the word "illiterate" for Hazrat Muhammad Mustafa (PBUH) for which the then speraker national assembly Hamid Nasir Chhatta had directed Aslam Khattak the then interior minster Aslam Khattak to get the blasphenous case registerd against her but the case was never filed against her. The religious clerics said that a news published in daily Jang on Jane 26,1986, Asma admitted that her husband ws a Qadiani and she considerted no harm in it. She has demanded abolishing the laws regarding blasphemy. She issued several statements against the verdicts of apex court openly. Ignoring the sacrifices of Kashmiris and despite atrocities of Indian army in occupied Kashmir she is is working hard for unconditional friendship with India. They said that her several meetings and pictures with the enemy number 1 of Pakistan, the deceased Bal Thakeray is on record. How a woman who is pro India and nearly non -muislin and secular mentally could be accepted as care-taker prime minster, ho will throw Pakistan in the lap of India.

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