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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Our Amazing And Intersting World-1

*--- World Record Of Solving Rubik's Cube With Closed Eyes:- To solve the Rubik;s cube is extremely difficult for soving it by the most intelligent persons what to speak of solving it with closed eyes. But a young man from Hungery Makel Andrey did so with closed eyes in the cube tournament of World Cube Association in Belgium and set a world record. *--- Now Robots Will Collect Trash From Homes :-- With the joint venture of European countries robotes have been developed equipped with latest technoilogy that will collecting the trash regularly from homes. Several cameras and sensors have been installed in the the robot called dustrate. While they will be guided and monitored through wireless network. The people needing the robot for gathering trash from house or office will be able to utilize its services. *--- Eye Ring Devise Will Help Blinds To see And To Get Information :-- The American experts have developed such an unique device with the help of which blond people will be able to see the things and get information about them. Camera has been installed in this latest technology bearing eye ring that can be put in finger like ring by the blinds and is controlled by smart ophone. If the blond person want to get information about something he can ask it in loud voice by putting the finger near the thing. *--- The Tallest Building of Europe Has been Constructed:-- The seventy-two storey tall building Shard in London has been completed. Its gallery made on the upper most storey meant for looking at the scenic beauty of the city was inaugurated last week. The gallery has been named as " The view from the Shards". No helocopter is needed to have access to one thousand sixteen feet high gallery and the city of London can be seen from it. *-- Saudi Government Has Allowed Women To Work In Pharmacies:-- The Saudi authorities have decided to allow women to work in phamaceutical companies. The labor minister Adeel Sheikh has said that government is taking steps to make the conditions conducive for women in the pharmacies. Though government is also criticized by some people. *--VHP In India Has Held Muslims Responsible For The Decrease Of Number Of Hindus:; The president of extremist organization Vesho Hindu Preshad Ashoke said that Muslims are responsible for decrese in number of Hindu population. But How He Did not tell? Yes it is right last month Indian president suffered from flu and fever and of course Pakistani Muslims were responsible for that. Last week your 80 year old prime minister had head ache and Pakistan army spread the virus to asttack him and all the responsibility lieson Pak army. Mercy on them If he would say that the Muslims are responsible for increase in the Hindu population it can be understood why? Intelligent people would have understood because Muslims are notorious or famous for that quality.?

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