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Friday, February 8, 2013

ANP And Hoti Family Is In Hot Waters Due To New Marriage Of Azam Hoti

The new marriage and ANP Senetor Azam Hoti's private affairs have created trouble for his politician sons and the family as well as for the party. Senator Azam Hoti is staying in London to enjoy his life with newly wed wife Humaira and to avoid his presence in the court and the conflict with his wife (+)Shamim Akhtar regarding payments of expences and Rs 110 million (as Haq e Mahr) to his wife. While all political parties are busy in finalizing political and election strategies and ANP has concerns to compete JUI (F) and Tahreek e Insaaf in KPK in the next elections and to make its election compaign safe having dialogues with Taliban, the revelation about Azam Hoti has put the chief minister of KPK Amir Haidar Hoti and his family in great trouble. Sources say that the new trouble started when Azam Hoti married a bank officer Humaira in 2011 that created a great concerned among the already existing wife and in the family. Earlier Shamin Akhtar with whom he married in 2002 a conflict asose on the issue of payment of monthly expenses as promised by Azam Hoti. (+)Shamom Akhatar was the president of the women wing of Awami Nastional Party in Mardan. While, after marriage she did not remain active in party politics. To come out of the conflict Amir Haidar Hoti and other sons suggested their father to solve the issue to avoid the defamation of the party and the family. Amir Haidar Hoti has good opinion about his step mother Shamim Akhtar while his brother Ghazan Hoti has reservations about his father's new wife Humaira. Because he thinks that due to his marriage and non payments of expenses to Shamim Akhtar not only caused bad reputation for the family but also for the party. On the pressure of some friendfs and the family memnbers and due to the fear of court case Aam Hoti promised in March 2012, to pay Shamim Akhtar 0.4 million rupees per month besides 110 million rupees as Haq e Mahr. An agreement was signed for the purpose in which Azam Hoti promised that if he fasiled to pay the prerscribed amount within stipulated time , he will have to pay 10 % more amount. Azam Hoti used to deposit the amount in her account till December 2011. Her wife after passing the six months duration sued him in Islamabad court and he was served with a notice. But Azam Hoti is now in London with her new bride Humaira.

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