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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Investment By Abu Dhabi Group In Pakistan---- Was It A Fake News?

Only a few days back leading print and electronic media published and aired as headline and Breaking News, about $45 billion investment by 'Abu Dhabi Group' coming to Pakistan, It was announced that the world's tallest building will be constructed in Pakistan and this huge investment ill creast 2.5 million job opportunities for young people. Some anchors even presented segments on this news. Full -page ads were published about the news but it was recently disclosed that it was unfortunate the discussion between the parties could not reach any positive conclusion and Memorundum of Understanding has been cancelled. How easily the National Media was used by a business tycoon and the huge ads have been appearing in the national media. How someone used the media was as important as how media allowed itself to be used. Will someone seek casrification from the business tycoon and will medias learnt something from this. It is reminded that how media were used by Investment Companies in Karachi and Corporates companies in Punjab during decade of 80's, due to which thousands of poor pensioners and other people lost their life long savings. The media regularly promoted them through advertisemnents and reporters could not write anything against them. After some time these companies disappeared after committing fraud. Is not it shamful on the part of Pakistani media publishing ads for money with out investigating the credibility of the news and ads.

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