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Friday, February 15, 2013

Pakistani P M Spent Millions Of National Money During His London Visit

Hailing to a middle class family of Punjab, clainmng to be "worker" prime Minister of Pakistan, spent million of rupees for staying in 5-star hotels of London along with his son and newly wed dasughter-in-law and other relatives. His family and relatives spent million of money on luxurient shopping in world class stores of London. The high commission authorities in London told on the the condition of anonymity that the arragements for the family of PM's 4-day stay was done in 5-star hotel Berkley located in the central area of London's knight's Bridge. Twenty-six rooms were booked for PM's family and six rooms had 1200 pounds rent per day while, other 20 rooms were rented for 800 pounds per room per day. The luxurious 6 rooms costed 28,800 (PKR 44,35,200) and other 20 rooms costed 64,00 pounds (PKR98,56,000) colletively to the national exchequer. It is noteworthy that these are the most expensive hotels of London where Arab Kings and Prince usually stay. PM's daughter-in-law and other relatives had purchased jewelary, purses, watches and shoes of million of rupees at the biggest and most expensive departmental stores of London including Liberty Mall, Harrods, Selfridges, Harvey Nichols, Fortnum & Mason, House of Fraser, John Lewis, Gagi Channel, Nichol Ferry, Christine Dire, Kanali, Armani, Orada, Katherine Hement, and Alberta Freeti. It means they lefy no expensive store of London to shop at. For te movement of family of PM 28 new Mercedes cars were arranged that cost another milion of rupees. The prime minister of Pakistan Raja Parvez Ashraf will definetely say that all the expenses were spent out of his own pocket. But people of Pakistan know how can he spend for this luxurious trip. If his son and Bahu had to enjoy honeymoon they could go after or beforehis official trip to London or the USA. Raja is not so wealthy to spend a single day in these hotel on his own expenses. This is the money of poor people of Pakistan that was spent on their luxury shoppings and stay of his family. Shame for the Pakistani politicians.

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