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Friday, September 30, 2011

Extortionists--- The Blood Sucking Human Lice

When the Shaher Yar, the son of late governor Salman Tasir was abducted on August 28, 2011, people thought this the activity of some fighter's organization, but after investigation it was known that he was kidnapped by an extortionist group for ranmsom. This group sold Shaher Yar to another group who too him to tribal aras. Now the attempts are underway to get him freed. Today extortionists have formed powerful groups in the world. These groups are usually active in the cities where richest people, industrialists,business community reside. Extortionists send chits or message to the targeted person to send the demanded amount of money other wise he will suffer. If the recipient of the message pays the amount then they leave him otherwise send him threats and some times fire around him to scare him. In developing countries police performance is zero so the threatened person pays the demanded amount silently and saves his and his family lives.
The history of extortion is very old. The tradition would have started thousand years back when powerful tribes would receive money or some thing in kind not to attack the weaker tribe. However, the tribe that was not ready to pay money would have been invaded or destroyed. When states came into being the then the state government adapted this process. The history tells many countries have been naming this extortion differently like taxes .
During the 18th century the European countries and the USA used to pay extortion money to sea pirates not to attack their ships. It happened too that during 15th century China used to receive money from neighboring countries so that they may be safe from its attacks.
The difference between the extortion of past and present is that today industrialists, traders and business men pay huge money in the form of taxes to the government for the safety of their lives and property. So, no other individual has the right to get tax or extortion forcibly on any rich person. Unfortunately there is no rule of law in the backward countries so people are forced to pay tax or extortion but but developed countries have strict laws to sentence this kind of acts and sentence the culprits under the law.

Laughter Is A good Medicine For Elderly Dimentia Patients

Laughter may be good medicine for elderly dementia patients and best of all, it doesn't have side effects.
Australian humour therapist Jean-Paul Bell was originally a clown doctor working with sick children, but now he makes the elderly laugh through a programme called Play-Up.
Bell was also the key humour therapist in a Sydney-based study into the impact of humour therapy on mood, agitation, behavioural disturbances and social engagement in dementia patients, a study that showed those who took part seemed
"The whole idea behind the Play-Up programme and what we're doing at the Arts Health Institute is encouraging them to play more because we believe that they've got potential to keep playing right until you take your last breath," Bell said.
He set up the Arts Health Institute to train aged-care staff in fostering playful relationships with their patients, particularly those with dementia.
The study, called the SMILE study, took place over three years, involving 36 nursing homes and 400 residents.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Only Meeting Of Imran Khan With Asif Ali Zardari

Imran Khan said that in 1989 he accompanied by his friend Tariq Shafi went to BaNazeer"s residence Bilawal House in Kaeachi to request her for cooperation in funds raising for Shaukat Khanum Memorial Hospital. Banazeer was busy so they were given chance to meet Asif Ali Zardari. He was expecting that due to his friendly relations with Banazeer from Oxford his appeal would be heard sympathetically.
Asif Ali Zardari met us warmly and praised Imran Khan apparently. But, he did not offer any help for the hospital. Instead he had been talking all the time to his friend Tariq Shafi, who belonged to a big Textile Industry owner's family. He remained busy in convincing Tariq to install two factories in Sind because he (Zardari) wanted to provide employment to some people. The husband of Banazeer , Asif Ali Zardai, Imran Khan said did not cooperate for any donations to the hospital afterwards too. Asif Ali Zardari and Banazeer wished to inaugurate the hospital as chief guests that was not accepted by Imran Khan, because the decision for the inauguration of the hospital had already been done in favor of the first cancer patient belonging a poor family, 10 year Sameera Yousuf.

Pakistan Allows Haqqani Network To Defend the Country From Indian Aggression--Musharraf

Former Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf has suggested that his country allows the Haqqani network to operate on its soil to stop India from creating an anti-Pakistan Afghanistan.
"If I was in government I would certainly be thinking how best to defend Pakistan's interests," Musharraf told The Daily Telegraph.
"Certainly if Afghanistan is being used by India to create an anti-Pakistan Afghanistan, we would like to prevent that," he added.
He further said that the United States must understand that Pakistan has its own national interest.
"When the coalition talk of leaving in 2014, Pakistan has to really think, what will be the environment and fend for itself against all the exterior pressures, all the exterior manoeuvrings and political manoeuvrings against Pakistan," Musharraf said.
The former President also asserted that Pakistan must "talk straight" about "why are they not acting against the Haqqani network in North Waziristan."

Manisha Koirala Wants To Be Left Alone

A few months ago, the grapevine was abuzz with rumours of Manisha Koirala's marriage being on the rocks.
That she was heading back to Mumbai, as she could not adjust to the life of domesticity with her businessman husband Samrat Dahal.
She, however, confirms, "I am very much in Nepal. But I will not talk about my personal life. At the moment, all my friends know I need to be left alone.
I don't need to give explanations about what's going on in my life."
Interestingly, a close pal reveals, "Manisha has had to struggle against all odds to make the marriage work.
She has had to adjust not only to a life of domesticity, but also to her husband's entire family and their traditional way of life.
At one point, she almost gave up and decided to return to India, but now she wants to give her marriage one last shot."
Rumours of her return to Bollywood were sparked off when prominent filmmakers received text messages from her secretary informing them that she's open to acting offers.
"If I get a damn good project I'd be interested anytime. In fact, I'm on the verge of accepting good offers. I'll talk about it only after they materialise," she says.
As for relocating to India, the actress says, "I travel to Mumbai because I've a home there. I was there recently for just two days."

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

When Imran Khan Met With Ba Nazeer Bhutto (Late) For The First Time

Imran Khan said I met BaNazeer Bhutto for the first time when she was crying on a person who had claimed her being socialist. Imran Khan said that as an Oxford student he was room mate with Zia Malik the brother of actor Raat Malik. One evening he said when he returned home and was locking his motor bike out side the home, he heard the voice of a lady argueing on some topic. Zia Malik had invited Bai Nazeer to introduce her with other Oxford students from Pakistan. He had annoyed BaNazeer saying that land reforms were not effectively implemented in Sindh.Obviously, this was a sensitive topic for her whose father Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto had tried to minimize the power of feudal lords with limited land reforms in 1972. Imran says he tried to calm her and we were good friends after this first meeting. BaNazeer was famous for dealing politely with Britishers but her attitude towards Pakistanis was harsh. Imran Khan said he saw her in Holland in Pakistani embassy in 1974 when she was 20 years,where a reception in the honor of cricket team was arranged.
She was treating the Pakistani Ambassador as he was her personal servant. It looked that she was of the dictorial nature from her young age. Imran Khan said that BaNazeer remained there in Oxford one year after he (Khan) left Oxford. He supposed that she did so as she was committed to be the president of Oxford Union.

Shoib Said Tendulkar May Be God For Indians Not For Him

Former Pakistani fast bowler Shoaib Akhtar answered Indian criticism over his autobiography and said he would not apologise to anyone adding that Sachin Tendulkar is a god for the Indian public and not him.
During an interview to an Indian channel, Akhtar said his statements relating to Tendulkar concerned a specific series in which the Indian batsman did not perform well.

He further added that if India is a democracy then the people of the country should have the courage to listen to the truth.

Veena Malok Shoots For Bollywood Film" Daal Me Kuch Kala Hai"

Pakistani actress Veena Malik was spotted, shooting for her maiden Bollywood project `Daal Me Kuch Kala Hai`, in Pune. Malik, who will share the screen space with actors Jackie Shroff and Shakti Kapoor in the film, will be seen in a double role in the movie.
Veena, who hogged the limelight for accusing her ex-boyfriend and Pakistani cricketer Muhammad Asif of being a match fixer, also grabbed eyeballs when she appeared on reality show Bigg Boss season 4. She will now be seen in a Bollywood movie with an item number in the flick that will soon be released for cinemas.

The USA Is Making Diplomatic Efforts To Win Back Pakistan's Cooperation

Amid heightened tension, the United States is making hectic diplomatic efforts to win back Pakistan’s crucial cooperation for secured NATO supplies as well as safe withdrawal of its overstretched troops from Afghanistan by 2014.
This has transpired from flurry of interactions of the senior US military officials and diplomats with Pakistani authorities ostensibly as a damage control exercise after some key US government functionaries launched efforts to make Pakistan scapegoat largely to cover up its decade-long failure in Afghanistan.
US Ambassador to Pakistan Cameron Munter with same agenda met with Foreign Secretary Salman Bashir on Monday and exchanged views on ways and means to strengthen the relations with Pakistan.
Confirming the development, US Embassy spokesperson Mark Stroh told the reporter that US pays special attention to continue its wide ranging and cooperative relationship with Pakistan.
Without going into specific issues, the Ambassador Munter had discussed with Salman Bashir, the spokesperson said that the United States values its special relations with Pakistan.
He was of the view that there were many common grounds both the estranged partners in the war against terror could continue their cooperation.
In response to a question relating to the statement of US Senator Lindsey Graham that ‘all options are on table against Pakistan’, Stroh said that this was in line with the statements of other US functionaries that Pakistan needs to take actions against those using its soil and attacking US forces in Afghanistan. “The US reserves the right to take action when its troops are targeted and attacked in Afghanistan,” the spokesperson said without naming Haqqani Network.
Although there was no Foreign Office input about the meeting, it was learnt that Salman Bashir told the US envoy that any aggression or unilateral action against Pakistan would be disastrous for both the countries. He also emphasized the need for bringing an end to statements allegations from both sides to arrest the situation going from bad to worst and agreed on further engagement to address mutual challenges.
The sources said that Munter during the meeting spoke at length on the need for increasing cooperation in counter terrorism.
However, some sources were of the view that US has been seeking Pakistan’s cooperation in a meaningful engagement with some of the resistance groups in Afghanistan to ensure safe withdrawal of international troops.
This stems from the US fears that rate of casualties of its troops would increase manifold in the course of withdrawal as pace of insurgency in Afghanistan was on gradual increase. These notions have been reinforced after the recent attacks on the US Embassy in Kabul as well as the local NATO Headquarters. Moreover, the US is seeking to ensure that NATO/ISAF logistic supplies through Pakistan remain unhindered till withdrawal of the international forces from Afghanistan by 2014.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Blogger Is Proceeding To Mecca Mukarrama To Perform Haj From October 03

Dear Readers/Audience
Bismillah Hir Rahman Nir Rahim ( In the name of Allah The Most Beneficient the Most Merciful). Alhamdu Lillah I am Muslim and am proud of being Muslim. I do not claim to be a pious, perfect and highly practicing Muslim, but I strongly and firmly believe in One And Only One Allah the Almighty, Wahda hu La Shareek( No One in the Universe Can Be Equal to Him Or Is like HIm), He is the Creator of every thing in this world from stars , earth moon sun to all the living things. All praises are for Him. I believe in Khatam e Nabuwat, Khatamun Nabeeyeen, Hazrat Muhammad Mustafa Ahmad e Mujtaba is the Last Prophet (PBUH)of Allah. Any body claiming to be the prophet after him is kazib and Lier, his claim is nonsense, baseless and false. Quran E Majeed, Furqan e Hameed is the Holy Book of Allah bestowed on the Humanity for guidance till the Day of Judgment. I believe in the Day Of Judgment. I am Alham du Lillah Muslim by birth and from remote ancestors, took birth in the soil already the part of Pakistan (KPK).
Islam a fact, a reality the true religion on earth is the religion of peace, tranquility, brotherhood and equality. There is no discrimination in Islam on the basis of creed, color or caste. Allah Tala has asked human beings to think about the nature and beauty of the universe, visit the places, the highly organized and set system that runs the universe. As one thinks deeply and impartially he will be convinced that there is He who runs all this. If one thinks deeply on the creation of Allah, the human being its anatomy, physiology, the synchronization of physiological functions, the cell , the wonderful world in a tiny cells, the helix of DNA, the inheritance and the complicated system of human and all the living things including plants one would recognize the creator by the qualities of creations spread around him.
I am not a preacher nor i am going to convince any body I am just narrating my feelings that how I think about the things around me. Islam is not the religion that is expressed by the misdeeds of killers, terrorists, militants. Islam forbids murder and says killing of an innocent percent is the killing of humanity. Those Juhadis who who claim to be so do not know the philosophy of Jihad. Islam does not allow to kill women elderly, children, sheltering in worship laces of any religion. In wars only fight is allowed with those who have weapons and is ready to fight. As long as science is progressing and developing the secret wisdom and realities of Islam are being opened to mankind, therefore, the number of people embracing Islam is increasing geometrically specially after the incident of 9/11.
Muslims not only include poor, non-educated (as in Pakistan) and wealthy but Islam is the religion of intellectuals, scholars, scientists, intelligentsia, philosophers and of course who have been bestowed with the wealth of the true religion, may be poor, or illiterate. The fundamentalists as are called by the west are most highly educated persons as they know the philosophy of Islam, know the meanings of Holy Book, follow and practice all the teachings of Islam. If west thinks that Muslims are ignorant, uncivilized uncultured unmannered they are wrong. People like me who got highest educational degrees from the west or from the United states are fundamentalist, because they offer prayer, fast in holy month and perform all the duties ordered by Allah. We are proud of being fundamentalists, but hate the so-called fundamentalist who defame Islam by committing suicide attacks, exploding bombs and kill innocent people during peace time whether they are Christians, Budhists, Hindus, Shias or other human beings belonging to any religion.
I do not believe in any sect in religion , I am simple Muslim, however, I follow Islam the way it is practiced in Saudi Arabia by Saudi Arabs. Saudi Arabika is my ideal country in the world. I like, The Tablighi jamat, which is neither political party nor take any interest in politics, the people in the jamaat just work hard, spend restless nights in the path of Allah to remind Muslims of the teachings of Islam they have forgotten. The people in the Jamaat are my ideal. I would spend time with them Insha Allah.
I am sorry if my this writing has injured the feelings of some body.
I am leaving on 03rd of October to Mekka Muazzama for Haj. The Haj is the 5th pillar of Islam. It is must once in one's life but depends upon the afford ability financially, mentally and physically. Allah Tala has blessed me with all the pre-requisites for Haj. My Muslim readers are requested to pray for me, of course I will too for all the Muslim Ummah, My beloved country Pakistan , May Allah ave all the Muslims world over from troubles, and difficulties. Specially May Allah Best owe sincere, honest and patriotic leadership to Pakistan. May Allah save all the human beings from wars, may Allah guide the world leaders to stop war and and maintain peace in the world and make it heavens for the mankind not the hell.
Phoolaurkankar blog will not be updated from first week of October to last week of November 2011. However, there are posts on every topic, if readers want to read they would not feel the non presence of the blogger. Thank you very much for reading my long sermon. Allah Hafiz and Good Bye.

Taliban Say They Control Haqqani Network Not Pakistan

The Taliban took the unusual step Tuesday of insisting that it, not Pakistan, controls the Haqqani network, with Islamabad under growing US pressure to cut alleged ties with the group.
The militia advised Pakistan, historically perhaps its closest foreign ally, to prioritize "Islamic and national" interests and stand firm in the face of "America's two-faced and implacable politics".
"Neither are our bases in Pakistan nor do we need residence outside of our country," said the English-language statement in the name of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan the Taliban's name for itself on its Voice of Jihad website.
"All the military and civilian activities in the country are our own initiatives and our own actions.
"The respected Maulawi Jalaluddin Haqqani (the group's founder) is (one of the) Islamic Emirate's honourable and dignified personalities and receives all guidance for operations from the leader of the Islamic Emirate."
Most analysts consider the Haqqani network a powerful Taliban faction loyal to Taliban supreme leader Mullah Omar, with strong ties to Al-Qaeda.
A spokesman for the US State Department says it is considering placing the Haqqani network on its list of terror groups.
The United States has blamed the Haqqanis, with the involvement of Pakistani spies, over the September 13 attack on its embassy in Kabul in a 19-hour siege, in which 14 people died, and a September 11 attack on a NATO base in Afghanistan.
The top US military officer, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Admiral Mike Mullen, also accused Pakistan's intelligence service of supporting the Haqqani network in attacking Kabul's Intercontinental hotel last June.
"Our advice to the people of Pakistan and its government is that it should deliberate on America's two-faced and implacable politics," said the Taliban.
"It should always give precedence to its Islamic and national interests and they should have a firm belief that America will never be happy with them until they loot all their material and moral assets."

Napalese Fasion Show Reveals The Potential Of the Tiny State In The Industry

While the eyes of the style world were on London's autumn fashion week, another couture event was taking place on the other side of the world, in the Himalayas.
At Nepal Fashion Week the models sashayed down the catwalk in a mix of Western and ethnic apparel, contrasting classic with kitsch in a cornucopia of sassy cocktail dresses, flowing silk gowns, kaftans, kurti blouses, shalwars, sequins and ruffles.
Dozens of young designers displayed their collections as the Nepali fashion industry bid to bring itself to global prominence, and attract the attention of international buyers.
The show, which wrapped up on Saturday night, mixed high concept with ready-to-wear, with established Nepali designers, and stars of the future, hoping to introduce themselves to the world.
"There is a lot of potential in Nepal," said US designer Bethany Meuleners, fashion consultant for the event.
"There's a lot more interest than ever before so that gives a big push for where the fashion industry could go."
Organisers of Kathmandu's four-day event, launched in 2004, hope it will prove there is more to Nepal than politics, and efforts to sell the local fashion industry to the West were apparent throughout.
The announcer spoke only in English and themes such as "Cinderella Dreams" and the Harry Potter-inspired "Deathly Hallows" struck more of a chord than the more eastern-flavoured "Thamel Night" and "Tribes of Bangladesh."
The last couple of years have been a busy time for the Nepalese clothing industry, with a proliferation of high street fashion outlets and the launch of two online clothing stores, Fashion Mirror and Harilo.
The unique selling point of Nepalese fashion is the natural fabrics, such as hemp and bamboo, as well as richly textured hand-woven cotton, which are not often seen on the catwalks of Paris or Milan.
But there remains a dearth of prominent Nepalese fashion designers promoting the industry in the West.
New York-based designer Prabal Gurung, courted by the world's top style magazines and worn by Michelle Obama, Demi Moore and Rachel Weisz, can claim to be the first and as yet only big Nepalese name to make it on the global fashion circuit.
Nepal suffers electricity shortages which can mean power cuts for up to 14 hours a day in the winter. Experts believe the poor infrastructure and unstable political situation are the main obstacles to the fashion industry's attempts to break into Western markets.
"When you have strikes and power outages and everything, it's hard for them
to set up contracts where they can promise the work can get done when it's supposed to get done," said US designer Meuleners.
After years of damaging instability, the green shoots of recovery appear to be showing, with clothing worth 3.64 billion rupees ($46 million) in exports to Europe during the first 11 months of the last fiscal year, according to official figures a rise of 11.5 percent on the previous year.
Nepal's market is also expanding. A decade ago 90 percent of exports were to the United States whereas now exporters are selling half their stock to Europe and 25 percent to India.
Whether Kathmandu can break into the stronghold of the four main fashion cities London, Paris, Milan and New York when other destinations such as Brazil and Hong Kong have failed, is another matter.
Nepalese beauty queen Anupama Aura Gurung, current holder of the Miss Nepal Earth crown, believes the country's industry could match international standards within five years.
"Nepal fashion is really very raw it's still in the baby phase," she told a news agency. "But we are learning to crawl and slowly we will get up and walk."

Nawaz Shareef In The Cricket Ground Without Helmet Faced West Indies Fast Bowlers--Imran Khan

Imran Khan said that a event taking place during the autumn of 1987 expresses the mind set of Nawaz Shareef. He says," when I was captain we played a warm up match in Qazzafi stadium Lahore before world cup against West Indies. Secretary Cricket Board Shahid Rafi told Imran Khan a few moments before the match started thast chief minister Punjab will lead the team. I got astonished but imagined myself that his role in the match will be like that of a non-participant in the field and he will watch match while sitting in the dressing room. But I got amazed when I saw him going to ground dressed in cricket's white dress for tossing with West Indies captain Waven Richard, but more amazement was still to come when he won the toss and came back to tie pads. No body in the team could believe what he was seeing that Nawaz Shareef was going to ground with Mudassir Nazar for opening against the grandeurs of fast bowling attacks of the cricket history. Mudassir put on bating pads, thigh pads, chest pad, arm guard, helmet and gloves while Nawaz Shareef tied bating pad only and put on floppy hat and having smile on his face Shareef walked to the ground. Those who are unaware of the cricket history, Imran KHan says, it is important to know for them that it was such a bowling attack that cricket world would have never seen before nor afterward. There were 4 bowlers whose ball speed had been 90 km/hour and that was the drastic bowling attack of West Indies that had ruined the career of several potential players. The international batsmen and cricketers would not sleep the night they had to face the West Indian bowlers next day. This was Nawaz Shareef who had no experience of such a level of fatal bowling and had entered the cricket ground with out any safety measures to face west Indians bowling.
The 6 feet 6 inches tall West Indian bowler threw the first ball and before that Nawaz Shareef could raise the bat the ball was in the hands of wicket keeper. Pakistani team took the sigh of relief. And it was again better for Nawaz Shareef that Nawaz Sharif could move the bat to hit the second ball the wickets were spreading on the ground. This was the opening of cricket match by Nawaz Shareef.

Pakistan's Trade Mission Leaves For India After 30 Years

Federal Minister for Commerce Makhdoom Amin Fahim said Monday that his visit will open avenues for the businessmen of Pakistan and India and boost bilateral trade.
He was talking to media before his departure for Mumbai, India, at Karachi Airport.
The Minister is leading a 60-member delegation of Pakistani businessmen on the invitation of Indian Commerce Minister Anand Sharma.
The delegation is consisting of exporters of 28 items including textiles, cement, agro good, plastics, petroleum, engineering, leather, etc.
He said that the visit would be positive and make Pak-India business relations stronger in times to come.
It may be noted that Amin Fahim is the first Commerce Minister who is leading a Pakistani businessmen delegation after a lapse of more than 30 years.
Trade Development Authority of Pakistan (TDAP) has organized this delegation, in collaboration with Federation of Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (FICCI) and Pakistan High Commission in India.
More than 250 business-to-business meetings have been arranged
between Indian and Pakistani businessmen in Mumbai and New Delhi.
Besides, two business conclaves will be held in Mumbai and New Delhi.
Commerce Secretary Zafar Mahmood and TDAP chief Tariq Puri are accompanying the senior Federal Minister for Commerce, besides leading business leaders.
Currently, Pakistan's exports to India stand at $ 300 million, while the imports from India are more than $ 1.5 billion. Pakistani side will highlight numerous non-tariff barriers, which are impeding bilateral trade growth during meetings with Indian officials and businessmen.
Moreover, this visit is an attempt by Pakistan, to create an atmosphere of goodwill and trust, which is expected to strengthen the Composite Dialogue taking place between the two countries.
In addition, Pakistani side will also try to convince Indian authority to withdraw their opposition to EU's trade concessions for Pakistan in WTO.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Faces And Irisis Of Passengers Will Be Recognized By "e-gates" Before Boarding THe Flights

Silicon Valley-based AOptix on Monday introduced new "e-gates" that recognize faces as well as irises of passengers before opening to let them board flights.
"This is what we call the future of passenger boarding," AOptix director of corporate communications Brian Rhea said as an InSight Duo electronic gate was tested at the San Jose International Airport in Northern California.
AOptix e-gates that confirm identities based on iris scans are already in use at airports in Britain and Qatar and at a "high-security facility" in the US capital.
The new system making its public debut at a Biometric Consortium Conference in Florida on Tuesday is touted as the first to add facial recognition to scanning irises, which are unique to every person.
Those being "enrolled" look briefly at a scanner, which maps faces and eyes in seconds. Biometric data stored in computers is synced to bar codes on boarding passes or other documents.
Someone trying to get on a flight places a boarding pass on a reader at an e-gate and looks into a nearby screen, which can check whether irises and faces match information on record. Security gates only open for correct matches.
AOptix, founded 11 years ago in Northern California by astronomers, paired biometric scanning technology with gates made by Germany-based Kaba.
The company said it has seen interest in combined iris-face identification systems from officials who run high-security buildings, airports, or border checkpoints.
E-gates will not spare people from routine security screening at airports.
Airlines tend to keep biometric data only for the short-term, dumping it after flights are completed and the data is no longer necessary for security checks.
The iris or face databases linked to Duo e-gates at locations such as border checkpoints or building entrances would be up to those in charge of security.

Pak-Army Resolved To Give Befitting Response To Any Effort To Breach Country's Sovereignty

Expressing deep concern over senior US officials’ statements, top brass of Pakistan Army Sunday rejected allegations of Islamabad’s links with Haqqani Network and resolved to give befitting response to any effort to breach country sovereignty.
A special corps commanders meeting chaired by Chief of Army Staff General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani thoroughly reviewed the security situation on Pak-Afghan border and state of preparedness of the force. The meeting also expressed concern over cross-border incursions into Pakistan by Afghan militants. The extraordinary meeting of the corps commanders and principal staff officers came following the sharp US allegations that Pakistan Army’s spy agency ISI supported the Haqqani militant group to carryout recent attacks on its embassy and NATO headquarter in Kabul. “The prevailing security situation was discussed,” military officials said without giving details.
However some military sources said that meeting rejected all the allegations and expressed its concern over the negative statements emanating from the US. The meeting reiterated that Pakistan Armed Forces were committed to achieving enduring peace in the region and expressed total resolve to give befitting response in case there was any effort to violate national sovereignty.
Meanwhile, Commander of the US Central Command General James Mattis also called on General Kayani and exchanged views on strengthening military to military relations. In another development, Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee General Khalid Shamim Wynne while expressing concern over US allegations emphasised that peace in the region would only be possible through mutual trust and cooperation.
He conveyed his reaction to General James Mattis who called on him Sunday. “Both leaders discussed various matters of mutual interests and emerging geo-strategic situation in the region,” a military statement said.
General Wynne expressed his concern about the negative statements emanating from the US,” it said, adding, “He stressed upon addressing the irritants in the relationship which are a result of an extremely complex situation.” “Pakistan Armed Forces are committed to achieving enduring peace in the region which will only be possible through mutual trust and cooperation,” the statement said.
The meeting strongly criticised top US military officer Admiral Mike Mullen’s statement that Pakistan was exporting terror to neighbouring Afghanistan.
The US embassy in a statement said Mattis visited Islamabad to meet with Army Chief General Ashfaq Kayani and General Shamim Wynne. “The generals had candid discussions over the current challenges in the US-Pakistan relationship”, the statement said.
It said that General Mattis also emphasised the vital role the Pakistan military played in international security efforts to protect the Pakistani and Afghan people and the need for persistent engagement among the militaries of the US, Pakistan and other states in the region.

Let The USA Test Its Forces Against Pakistan And See How The Dispersed Pakistanis Are United To Defend Motherland

The United States will have to consider all options "including defending our troops" in confronting Pakistani support for militant networks fighting U.S. soldiers in the region, a senator said on Sunday.
"We need to put Pakistan on notice," Sen. Lindsey Graham, a Republican member of the Armed Services Committee said on a Private News Channel Sunday."
U.S. military leaders said last week the Pakistani army's powerful ISI spy agency supported the Haqqani militant group that Washington blames for an attack on its embassy and other targets in Kabul, Afghanistan. Pakistan denied the allegations.
Graham said Pakistan has to choose between helping the Haqqani network and helping the United States fight al Qaeda in Afghanistan and border regions of Pakistan.
"The idea of Pakistan's intelligence agencies supporting terrorism as a national strategy needs to come to an end," Graham said.
"It destabilizes Afghanistan. They're killing American soldiers. If they continue to embrace terrorism as part of their national strategy we're going to have to put all options on the table, including defending our troops."
Graham said Washington should reconsider assistance to Pakistan and noted last week's approval by a Senate committee of $1 billion to Pakistan for counterterrorism operations. The panel made that and any economic aid conditional on Islamabad cooperating with Washington against militant groups, including the Haqqanis.
The senator did not elaborate on what U.S. military action he would advocate if the situation did not change.
"I am saying that the sovereign nation of Pakistan is engaging in hostile acts against the United States and our ally Afghanistan," he said.
The USA and India sing the same song in chorus when they can not defend their interests (troops) in their own or occupied territories like Afghanistan or occupied Kashmir. Hiding their weaknesses under curtain they blame Pakistan all the time. Let the USA check its long-lasting desire to occupy Pakistan and see how Pakistani nation replies to the aggressors.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Saudi Women Given Right To Vote

Saudi Arabia's King Abdullah has said women will have the right to stand and vote in future local elections and join the advisory Shura council as full members. "Because we refuse to marginalise women in society in all roles that comply with sharia, we have decided, after deliberation with our senior ulama [clerics] and others … to involve women in the Shura council as members, starting from the next term," Abdullah, 87, said in a speech. "Women will be able to run as candidates in the municipal election and will even have a right to vote," he added.

ISI Has Contacts With Haqqani Network But For The Sake Of Peace Not To Support It

The Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) has contacts with Haqqani network but it does not mean that Pakistan Army supports the network, said ISPR spokesman on Saturday night.
Major General Athar Abbas in a statement said that ISI has contacts with the Haqqani group but it does not mean that it supports the network.
Major Abbas said having contacts with any group just for the sake of peace was entirely different from supporting anyone. He added that maintaining ties with rival groups was necessary for intelligence agencies.
Pakistan is not the only country, which has contacts with Haqqani network, he said, adding; "We have solid information that several countries have contacts with the group."
He said dens of Haqqani network were in Nooristan and Kunar provinces of Afghanistan.
He added that any unilateral US operation inside Pakistan would provoke severe anti-America sentiments.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Coma Story--- Kroatian Girl Woke Up From Coma Speaking German And Forgetting Kroatian Language

Sandra Erelaik a 13 year old girl fell into coma but when woke up she was speaking quite a different language. The case also puzzled doctors because she spoke Kroatian language before suffering from coma,but after 24 hours remaining in coma, she was unable to speak Kroatian. But more astonishing was that she could speak German language fluently and correctly.
Her parents say that she started leaning the German language recently in her school in Knin, South Kroatia. Chief of local Hospital Dr Dujemir Marasovic says that they are trying to know why did she fell into coma and how did she forgot to speak Kroatian language.
A kind and loving grand pa Frail Angelo De Luca of 81 years from Biasca, Switzerland fell from peach tree and remained into coma for 4 days. He was treated and operated in hospital but when he came out of coma he was not a civilized and kind grand pa but was like a a bad young man who wanted to chase and tease girls. His family was harassed due to his behavior and and sued him in the court.He was house arrested because he spent lbs 3000 out of his savings on a beautiful prostitute, who was of his grand daughter's age. Daniel, the son of grand pa Angelo's filed a case against him in the court and judges handed over the control of grand pa's two houses and bank balance to his son. In their verdict judges wrote that the mental condition Angelo is suffering from makes him unable to run his financial matters.

Launchiing Ceremony Of Shoab Akhtar's Autobiography Cancelled In Mumbai

Shoaib Akhtar has cancelled the launching ceremony of his autobiography ‘Controversially Yours’ in Mumbai. According to reports in the Indian media, the launching ceremony was scheduled for Sunday.
The autobiography has lived up to its title as Shoaib has criticised several former cricketers including Indian batsmen Sachin Tendulkar and Rahul Dravid.
Earlier the autobiography was launched in New Delhi and the ceremony was attended by Pakistan High Commissioner to India Shahid Malik.
During that ceremony the former fast bowler said that people should read his autobiography first to "understand his remarks" about Sachin Tendulkar and Rahul Dravid, and added that they are "world class cricketers".

Three Year Old Girl Woke Up Singing From Coma

Three year old Layla Towsey when suffered from meningitis and went into coma. Doctors showed hopelessness for her recovery and asked her family to be ready for bad news. But this little girl was not ready to leave the world so soon, she suddenly woke up from coma and started singing Abba's pop hit song Mamma Mia. She was in coma for 5 days and musical recovery woke her up. Doctors diagnosed her suffering from meningitis as well as from meningococcal septicaemia (swelling of brain and vertebral column). She spent 5 days in ICU and then when she awoke was singing the song.
Another three year old girl Ya Wen was hit by speedy van and got injured seriously though her life was safe but she suffered from coma. She remained in coma for 5 days but she she woke up from coma she was quite a changed girl. She started drinking and smoking suddenly. Mother of Ya Wen said that she was acting just like a mature person. Her mother saw her smoking a cigarette in wash room out of her dad's cigarette pack. In the beginning she stole father's cigarettes to smoke then started getting them from street shop on loan.
Psychiatrists may be able to explain the reasons why it happens but I think the person follows the thinking what he/she has been thinking about just before suffering from coma.

Waseem Akram Has Beeb Defended By Moin and Tauqeer

In his new autobiography ‘Controversially Yours’ former Pakistani fast bowler Shoaib Akhtar has accused Waseem Akram of trying to ruin his career.
Moin Khan who was teammates with both cricketers while speaking to a Private News Channel said Akram was an inspirational figure in Pakistan and internationally. “This sort of accusation should not be levelled against him” Moin added.
Tauqeer Zia the former PCB Chairman said that if these allegations were true than Akram would have ended Akhtar’s career before 2003.
“In my opinion Akhtar is creating controversy to sell his book” said Zia who according to the biography supported Akhtar when he was having problems with Waseem Akram.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Shoaib Akhtar Accused Waseem Akram Of Trying To Ruin His Career

Shoaib Akhtar in his autobiography ‘Controversially Yours’ has accused Waseem Akram of trying to ruin his career. The former Pakistani fast bowler said that Tauqeer Zia supported him during that time.
The fastest bowler in the 134-year official history of international cricket - Pakistan's Shoaib Akhtar has made some startling claims in his autobiography entitled 'Controversially Yours'.
From the preview of excerpts of Shoaib Akhtar, who holds the record for the fastest delivery in cricket ever clocking 161.3 km/h (100.2 mph), it transpires that the autobiography is no less controversial with the Rawalpindi Express admitting to ball tampering and also claiming that Sachin Tendulkar chickened out during the Faisalabad Test.
"I bowled (Sachin) a particularly fast ball which he, to my amazement didn't even touch. He walked away! That was the first time I saw him walk away from me - that, too, on the slow track at Faisalabad," he wrote in his book.
The former Pakistani stump-wrecker said that Master Blaster and The Wall are not match winners. "I think players like Sachin Tendulkar and Rahul Dravid weren't exactly match winners to start with, nor did they know the art of finishing the game," he said.
In the autobiography, Akhtar also alleged that Shahrukh Khan and former Chairman of Indian Premier League (IPL) Lalit Modi cheated him. "Shahrukh and I talked about my not being happy with the money settled on me. Shahrukh and Modi got me to agree. I should have never listened to Modi and Shahrukh," he stated.
Akhtar, who retired from cricket following the 2011 World Cup, also revealed that he tampered with the ball claiming, "everyone tampers with the ball. I did so too. Tampering should be legalised."
The biography maps Shoaib's journey from his economically deprived childhood to his peak in international cricket. Born flat-footed, suffering whooping cough, the bowler describes the blood, sweat and tears that took him to breaking the 100 mph barrier.
Comfort stayed elusive. Akhtar describes the severe class discrimination marring Pakistani cricket, his humiliation and his failures, including ball-tampering and even attacking teammates with a bat.
Alongside, he takes on Pakistani and international players, coaches, selectors and the media. "Shoaib Malik did not deserve to be captain and was made captain because he was a stooge of the PCB Chief Naseem Ashraf," stated Akhtar.
Not just this, the former Pakistani pacer also went on to claim that legendary Pakistani pacer Wasim Akram attempted to finish his career. He stated, "Wasim Akram threatened to walk out with half the team if I was included in the team. General Tauqir Zia backed Shoaib against Wasim."
A right hand fast bowler, Akhtar was born on August 13, 1975, in Rawalpindi. He remained involved in several controversies during his career.
In 2005, he was sent home during the Test series in Australia for unprofessional attitude. A year later, he was snared in a drug scandal after testing positive for stimulants. He was banned in September 2007 for picking up a fight with teammate Mohammed Asif, and in the following year banned for five years for criticising the Pakistan Cricket Board. In October 2008, the Lahore High Court suspended the ban.
Akhtar retired from international cricket after the 2011 World Cup.

Falling NASA-Satellite May Hit Earth On Friday

Fragments from an old six-ton NASA satellite hurtled toward Earth on Friday, while the exact site of the crash-landing remained a mystery into the final hours.
The US space agency has stressed that the risk is "extremely small" of any of the 26 chunks expected to survive the fiery re-entry into Earth's atmosphere hitting one of the planet's seven billion people - a one in 3,200 chance.
"Re-entry is possible sometime during the afternoon or early evening of Sept. 23, Eastern Daylight Time," NASA said on its website Thursday night.
"It is still too early to predict the time and location of re-entry with any more certainty, but predictions will become more refined in the next 24 hours."
The Upper Atmosphere Research Satellite (UARS) was not expected to fall over North America, NASA added.
The influence of solar flares and the tumbling motion of the satellite make narrowing down the landing a particularly difficult task, experts said as the Internet lit up with rumors of where and when it would fall.
The US Department of Defense and NASA were busy tracking the debris and keeping all federal disaster agencies informed, a NASA spokeswoman said.
The Federal Aviation Administration issued a notice Thursday to pilots and flight crews of the potential hazard and urged them to "report any observed falling space debris to the appropriate (air traffic control) facility and include position, altitude, time and direction of debris observed.
Orbital debris experts say space junk of this size from broken-down satellites and spent rockets tends to fall back to Earth about once a year, though this is the biggest NASA satellite to fall in three decades.
NASA's Skylab crashed into western Australia in 1979.
The surviving chunks of the tour-bus sized UARS, which launched in 1991, will include titanium fuel tanks, beryllium housing and stainless steel batteries and wheel rims.
The parts may weigh as little as two pounds (one kilogram) or as much as 350 pounds (158 kilograms), NASA said.
Orbital debris scientists say the pieces will fall somewhere between 57 north latitude and 57 south latitude, which covers most of the populated world.
The debris field is expected to span 500 miles (800 kilometers).
NASA has also said that in 50 years of space exploration no one has ever been confirmed injured by falling space junk.
The craft contains no fuel and so is not expected to explode on impact.
"No consideration ever was given to shooting it down," NASA spokeswoman Beth Dickey said.
NASA has warned anyone who comes across what they believe may be UARS debris not to touch it but to contact authorities for assistance.
Space law professor Frans von der Dunk from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln's College of Law told AFP that the United States will likely have to pay damages to any country where the debris falls.
"The damage to be compensated is essentially without limit," von der Dunk said, referring to the 1972 Liability Convention to which the United States is one of 80 state signatories.
"Damage here concerns 'loss of life, personal injury or other impairment of health; or loss of or damage to property of States or of persons, natural or juridical, or property of international intergovernmental organizations,'" he said, reading from the agreement.
However, the issue could get thornier if the debris causes damage in a country that is not part of the convention.
"The number of countries so far theoretically at risk is rather large, so there may be an issue if damage would be caused to a state not being party to the Liability Convention," he said.

Pakistani Actress Humaima Malik Might Be The Contestant In India TV Show Big Boss 5

There is a strong buzz that the Pakistani actress Humaima Malik might appear as a contestant in Indian TV reality show Bigg Boss 5.
Colombian pop star Shakira and the movie ‘Kites’ fame, Mexican actress Barbara Mori have also been approached for Bigg Boss 5.
Other names that are doing the rounds for Bigg Boss 5 are: TV actress Parul Chauhan of ‘Bidai’ fame, the small-screen’s famous doctor Dr Armaan aka Karan Singh Grover, the sexy Riya Sen, singer Jay Sean and actress Mink Brar.
It’s said that the serial killer Charles Sobhraj’s wife Nihita Biswas and former cricketer Navjot Singh Sidhu have confirmed their participation in the fifth season of Bigg Boss.
Tyson is expected to visit India between October and December to shoot for the fifth season, which airs in October, reports a daily. This time the show is going to be really big as Salman Khan and Sanjay Dutt both are the hosts of the show.

What Is Coma? Coma Stories

The word "Coma" is derived from the Greek word meaning "Deep Sleep". In medical term coma is called a long condition of senselessness that can exit for 6 hours or more. During coma the affected person can not be awakened. Usually the person in coma does not show any response to awakening attempt. Person suffering from coma is referred to as "comatose" According to Glasgow Coma Scale, a person suffering from confusion has the lightest form of coma.
There are several reasons for suffering from coma that include:- use of alcohol or drugs, using the wrong common or prescribed medicines or overuse,metabolic abnormalities, diseases of central nervous system, nervous injuries,as strokes, hypoglycemia, hypothemia, hypoxia, and hemiation.
The normal working of two nervous parts of the affected person is necessary for maintaining the consciousness. First is the Grey colored material the cerebral cortex that conceals the external layer of brain, second is a structure called reticular activating system (RAS) which is located in brainstem. The injury of one the parts or or both may lead the affected person to coma condition. Human cortex consists of thick, grey color group of nucleaus of neurons.the axons of which create white material and it relays sensory inputs or sensitivity through thalmic pathway. The important thing is that it is directly or indirectly responsible for all the nervous functions from simple reflexes to complex thinkings.On other side RAS is a primary structure in brainstem that is strongly linked to reticular formation this is a such an anatomical structure that is important for changing over during sleep or awakening or vice versa. It is necessary to check the strength of bilateral cerebral cotices and monitor the activity of RAS of the affected person.

MQM Denies Wikileaks Disclosure About May 12 Mayhem

Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) leader Farooq Sattar has strongly denied a secret US cable quoting him as saying that certain MQM workers were involved in May 12 mayhem.
Sattar said the real victim of May 12 was the MQM and his party’s stance had been clear on the issue.
He stated that May 12 was a horrible act and a conspiracy against his party. "Propaganda is being spread against the MQM and we have faith that this propaganda will not be successful" Sattar said.
Wikileaks had revealed that MQM leader Dr. Farooq Sattar said certain MQM workers, former president Pervez Musharraf, landlords, Inter Services Intelligence (ISI) and other political parties were involved in the May 12, 2007 mayhem in Karachi.
A diplomatic cable sent from Karachi to Washington on 17 May, 2007 contained details of a 40-minute phone conversation between Sattar and Charge d'affaires US Consulate Peter Boday. During the conversation Sattar admitted that certain members of his party were involved in the May 12 incident and the party should consider unarming its militant wing.
Sattar added that the media should have contacted him before running the Wikileaks story.
According to the cable Sattar had informed government officials about those involved in the incident. Sattar said that slogans chanted in favour of Musharraf were not made on his recommendation and MQM Chief Altaf Hussain had dismissed his recommendation on the issue.