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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Blogger Is Proceeding To Mecca Mukarrama To Perform Haj From October 03

Dear Readers/Audience
Bismillah Hir Rahman Nir Rahim ( In the name of Allah The Most Beneficient the Most Merciful). Alhamdu Lillah I am Muslim and am proud of being Muslim. I do not claim to be a pious, perfect and highly practicing Muslim, but I strongly and firmly believe in One And Only One Allah the Almighty, Wahda hu La Shareek( No One in the Universe Can Be Equal to Him Or Is like HIm), He is the Creator of every thing in this world from stars , earth moon sun to all the living things. All praises are for Him. I believe in Khatam e Nabuwat, Khatamun Nabeeyeen, Hazrat Muhammad Mustafa Ahmad e Mujtaba is the Last Prophet (PBUH)of Allah. Any body claiming to be the prophet after him is kazib and Lier, his claim is nonsense, baseless and false. Quran E Majeed, Furqan e Hameed is the Holy Book of Allah bestowed on the Humanity for guidance till the Day of Judgment. I believe in the Day Of Judgment. I am Alham du Lillah Muslim by birth and from remote ancestors, took birth in the soil already the part of Pakistan (KPK).
Islam a fact, a reality the true religion on earth is the religion of peace, tranquility, brotherhood and equality. There is no discrimination in Islam on the basis of creed, color or caste. Allah Tala has asked human beings to think about the nature and beauty of the universe, visit the places, the highly organized and set system that runs the universe. As one thinks deeply and impartially he will be convinced that there is He who runs all this. If one thinks deeply on the creation of Allah, the human being its anatomy, physiology, the synchronization of physiological functions, the cell , the wonderful world in a tiny cells, the helix of DNA, the inheritance and the complicated system of human and all the living things including plants one would recognize the creator by the qualities of creations spread around him.
I am not a preacher nor i am going to convince any body I am just narrating my feelings that how I think about the things around me. Islam is not the religion that is expressed by the misdeeds of killers, terrorists, militants. Islam forbids murder and says killing of an innocent percent is the killing of humanity. Those Juhadis who who claim to be so do not know the philosophy of Jihad. Islam does not allow to kill women elderly, children, sheltering in worship laces of any religion. In wars only fight is allowed with those who have weapons and is ready to fight. As long as science is progressing and developing the secret wisdom and realities of Islam are being opened to mankind, therefore, the number of people embracing Islam is increasing geometrically specially after the incident of 9/11.
Muslims not only include poor, non-educated (as in Pakistan) and wealthy but Islam is the religion of intellectuals, scholars, scientists, intelligentsia, philosophers and of course who have been bestowed with the wealth of the true religion, may be poor, or illiterate. The fundamentalists as are called by the west are most highly educated persons as they know the philosophy of Islam, know the meanings of Holy Book, follow and practice all the teachings of Islam. If west thinks that Muslims are ignorant, uncivilized uncultured unmannered they are wrong. People like me who got highest educational degrees from the west or from the United states are fundamentalist, because they offer prayer, fast in holy month and perform all the duties ordered by Allah. We are proud of being fundamentalists, but hate the so-called fundamentalist who defame Islam by committing suicide attacks, exploding bombs and kill innocent people during peace time whether they are Christians, Budhists, Hindus, Shias or other human beings belonging to any religion.
I do not believe in any sect in religion , I am simple Muslim, however, I follow Islam the way it is practiced in Saudi Arabia by Saudi Arabs. Saudi Arabika is my ideal country in the world. I like, The Tablighi jamat, which is neither political party nor take any interest in politics, the people in the jamaat just work hard, spend restless nights in the path of Allah to remind Muslims of the teachings of Islam they have forgotten. The people in the Jamaat are my ideal. I would spend time with them Insha Allah.
I am sorry if my this writing has injured the feelings of some body.
I am leaving on 03rd of October to Mekka Muazzama for Haj. The Haj is the 5th pillar of Islam. It is must once in one's life but depends upon the afford ability financially, mentally and physically. Allah Tala has blessed me with all the pre-requisites for Haj. My Muslim readers are requested to pray for me, of course I will too for all the Muslim Ummah, My beloved country Pakistan , May Allah ave all the Muslims world over from troubles, and difficulties. Specially May Allah Best owe sincere, honest and patriotic leadership to Pakistan. May Allah save all the human beings from wars, may Allah guide the world leaders to stop war and and maintain peace in the world and make it heavens for the mankind not the hell.
Phoolaurkankar blog will not be updated from first week of October to last week of November 2011. However, there are posts on every topic, if readers want to read they would not feel the non presence of the blogger. Thank you very much for reading my long sermon. Allah Hafiz and Good Bye.

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