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Monday, September 5, 2011

Pakistani Leaders Must Learn From Marvellous Development Of China Within 30 Years Only

It was during 1956 when the great founder of Democratic Republic Of China Mouze Tung fore-casted in a public gathering that during the next 45 years China will see great changes and it will be a powerful Socialist and Industrial country. His intellectual instinct could rightly see in the future that is correct in all respects and China is one of the most powerful countries of the world.
On October 07, 2009, the 60th anniversary of modern China was celebrated, though 60 years in the life of a country do not have much value to progress as much as China has shown a revolution during this minimum span of time. During these 6 decades the "Sick man of Asia" and opium addicted nation expressed an exemplary progress showing proving itself as a hard working, sensible, responsible and developed country of the world. There are a lot of lessons hidden in the development of China for those political leaders of the world who have brain in their skull, sense, love for nation, patriotism and devotion that are lacking rather are nil in many of them. readers can imagine themselves specially Pakistanis.
As soon as the European Nations invented latest and fatal weapons they started invading new territories to make colonies in the world. China was also targeted. The Britishers attacked China in 1842 that is called the "First Opium War" in the history. The result of which was the occupation of Hong Kong as colony. after this China was also the prey of conflicts between the European and Asian powers. In the year 1894, Japanese entered the Chinese territory and have been exploiting the resources of China till World War second. When Japanese left during 1945, the China was target of civil war between the Chinese Communist Party ( headed by Mouze Tung) and Nationalist Part (headed by Chiang Kai Shake). Mouze Tung founded Democratic Republic of China in 1949 defeating nationalists, when China was a country of poor hungry people. Nobody knew that the country of opium addicted poor hungry people will be a most developed and powerful country of the world with only half a century. Today China is having second largest economy of the world after the USA ( though its economic condition is shaking now)

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