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Friday, September 9, 2011

Jimson Weed ( Datura Stromonium) Called "Mad Seeds" in South Africa

The first poisonous plant that caused the death in the United States of America was the ash of Jimson Weed. The settlers in Jamestown, VA used this plant to poison the British soldiers, who passed 11 days in madness condition; however they got recoverd afterwards, but they did not remember anything. How they were saved from death is said to be their severe sufferings with the symptoms of the poisonous plant. They suffered from severe thirst, blindness, and coma.
The plant has several names like devil's trumpet,angel's trumpet, devil's weed, stink weed, locoweed and hell's bells. Many people try to use this plant due to its extra ordinary qualities but but they have to suffer. Actually the damage is done due to its quantity, if a bit higher dose of it is used. In South Africa people call this plant "mad seeds".

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