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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A New Government Is To Be Formed In Libya Within 10 Days

A new transitional government will be formed in Libya within 10 days, the deputy chief of the National Transitional Council told reporters on Sunday. "A new government will be formed within one week to ten days," said Mahmud Jibril, who serves as the "prime minister" of the NTC, the political wing of the rebellion that overthrew strongman Moamer Kadhafi.
"This new government will include representatives from different regions in Libya," Jibril said.
Rebel forces are still "in the process of liberating Libya, and revolutionary combatant are still on the fronts," Jibril added, referring in particular to Bani Walid and Sirte, where regime loyalists are still holding out.
He said that another government will be formed once "Libya is liberated."
Jibril also hailed the "liberation of Tripoli without bloodshed" last month.
"We were expecting a bloodbath, but this was prevented by the maturity of the revolutionaries who were able to secure the capital," he said.

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