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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Libyan Nation Had The Most Properous Life In All The African Countries

Col Qaddafi had made his nation stand in the row of most prosperous countries of the world in his era. But, of course, inspite of all this Qaddafi is the most unlucky ruler whose nation joined the revolutionaries instead of standing with him. One can imagine the prosperity of Libyan nation that they have $ 12000 as per capita income and it 5 times higher than that of Egypt. Egyptians have $2300 per capita. THe prosperous lives of Libyan can be seen from the fact that 78 % of the population lives in big cities. The Libyans are the most healthier people whether they live in villages, towns or cities or any other place. As against the majority of the world's nations Libyans have facility of clean drinking water. They have the best facilities of sanitation.
Ninety -seven % of the population is comprising of Barbars and Arabs that have 82 % literacy rate. The literacy rate in men is 92 while in women it is 72 %. Whole of country is rich in the wealth of oil, gas and gypsum. Economy mostly depends upon oil income. GDP growth rate is 4.2 $. The price index was 18 $ till the end of last century but during 2001 it was as low as 1 %. After that it remained 2-3 %. The reason is that the economic growth rate was marvelous that remained more than 10 %. However, after 2008 it had down fall and now is not more than 3 %. However, it is a fact that Col Qaddafi provided the most highest standard of life to the Libyans in the African countries. According to United Nation's report Libya is on the top in all the African countries in human development index. Education and health facilities are free of cost, and nearly 10 % of the boys and girl students are sent to foreign countries for higher education.
But inspite of making his nation the most prosperous unfortunate Qaddafi fell prey to the restlessness of the nation. It was only due to restricting the basic right of freedom of speech that bursted in the form of revolution.
Every citizen needs basic amenities of life that the Libyans had in abundance, the freedom of speech is required by politicians not the masses. Health and education are the basic needs of life then the Libyans are unlucky to bring revolution. Their country would never return to peace and stability. We Muslims need dictators not the western democracy to develop. Look at Pakistan, we have so called democracy, freedom of speech and writing but what else we have. Nothing of the sort that can give a sigh of relief to the masses. What can we do of freedom of speech. Can it be eastern , drank, used as gas or petrol, electricity or in place of food items. Libyans you are unfortunate not lucky. May Allah help you.

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