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Friday, September 16, 2011

Qaddafi Had Deep Rooted Relations With the USA And Britain

Moamar Ul Qaddafi had been giving the impression uptill now that is against the USA and America wants to kill him. The conspiracy that led Qaddafi to control Libya and get the power was fully favored by American CIA. Some analysts say that when Qaddafi separated his way from the USA the Americans turned into his enemy and Qaddafi had also been posing American as enemy No 1. However, dome people have been showing their doubts about this side of the picture.
After the occupation of Tripoli by the revolutionaries, some clues came to light that negate Qaddafi's created impression about himself regarding the USA. American Group of Human Rights Watch has claimed that some of the documents found that show that after 9/11 the relations between Qaddafi's government and secret agencies of the Britain and USA got deepened. The group officials say that these documents were found in the Libyan Secret Agency Office. Documents indicate that American Secret Agency CIA had handed over several suspected terrorists to Libyan government between 2002 to 2004. While Britain secret agency MI6 had been providing information about Libyan government defectees.
According to Human Rights Watch some documents show that CIA had been sending suspected terrorists under "Rundation" program to Libya for investigation. Documents also show that CIA officials themselves used to come to Libya and carried out investigation process with the help of Libyan agencies. However, America and Britain have testified the news in different ways.

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