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Thursday, September 15, 2011

NATO And Al-Qaeda Have Been Active Unitedly Against Qaddafi In Libya

It is interesting to know that both the NATO and Alqawda were resisting against Qaddafi's forces unitedly. A leader of Alqaeda in Libya Abu Yahya Illahi had favored the rebellions against Qaddafi in a statement. Similarly, an Arabian re-known religious scholar and close to Ekhwan ul Mislameen, Dr Yousuf Alqarzavi issued a Fatwa (religious declaration / decision) in which he stressed upon the Qaddafi soldiers to kill him. Qaddafi during last days of his rule had been saying repeatedly that Al-Qaeda is involved in rebellion struggle against him.It is a fact that those fighting against invading American forces in Iraq and Afghanistan have been playing an important role in resistance movement against Qaddafi too. Among them is Abdul Hakeem Alhassedi who gathered 25 young men from Wastern territory of Libya and have been fighting against occupant American forces in Iraq. He said that these young fighters have also been fighting against Qaddafi forces. Abdul Hakeen confessed that he and his aides took part in Afghan war against Americans. According to him Alqaeda people are practicing Muslims and are not terrorists they only fight against the invaders. He was arrested in Peshawar (Pakistan) and was handed over to Americans who returned him to Libya.
the events made Abdul Hakeem and other young people like him together in the compaign and it expected that after after the end of the fight they will again split and fight with each other. It is evident that America, Britain, and other western powers will try to influence in Libya that would not be tolerated by Al-Qaeda.
The new struggle has been started and Americans are showing reservations that Alqaeda have captured the weapons including missiles left by Qaddafi;s forces in Libya. Therefore, Americans are worried and thinking how to deal with the situation. On the other side, Libyan powers against the USA are also planning new strategy. The future will tell in what form of the Libya would be.

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