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Saturday, September 10, 2011

MQM And Malik Could Not Clarify Their Position Of Mirza's Allegations

The harsh tone in which Dr Zulfiqar Mirza alleged MQM its leadership and Malik Rahman, rather several time the later, and Wassan, no one of them could clarify their position. Altaf said nothing but showed his importance to army and wanted to gather sympathies from masses by indicating fear of his assassination.
Whoever may be on his back Zulfiqar Mirza seems to be saying truth. The sentiments expressed by Mirza could never be artificial nor it was the tongue of somebody else in his mouth.
It means none of the accused have any solid ground to nullify the allegations. People are correctly thinking of Mirza being true. If Mirza says that refugees during independence came empty handed , and hungry what was false in these words. Of course they have sacrificed their homes, kids, lands and homes but who gave them shelter, foods, clothes and other utility items.? Were not all those Pakhtuns, Balochis, Sindhis and Punjabis (Pakistanis and they were refugees at that times).
If extortionists are not the workers of MQM as Mirza said then who are they? Altaf did not disclose. It is a fact that extortionists exist in Karachi. Altaf says his party belongs to poor people then who provides them funds? Altaf spends million of pounds monthly on telephonic address who is the sponsor? Because his poor workers can not afford luxuries of costly address. Altaf Hussain never told. Altaf is safe in London if some body is to be killed that may be Mirza. He has made many enemies after his press conference. Wassan, Malik, Altaf and PPP, he did not spare any of them. He has also brought a tough time for his wife. Though president has assured that she will continue but she is a wife, mother of Mirza's children, and a Pakistani woman who needs father of her kids.
Altaf's only statement about breaking of Pakistan is correct hundred percent and some Pakistanis may be behind the conspiracy. As so called Taliban are who kill Pakistanis for money. Who provides them the funds? those who want to split Pakistan ion pieces but Pakistan will live long Insha Allah. The enemies wanted to eliminate Pakistan from the day it came into being but Allah is MORe Powerful than the Pakistan's enemies He will never let their nefarious designs to be fulfilled Insha Allah Pakistan Zinda Bad Long Live The Pakistan By the Grace Of Almighty Allah.

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