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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Merger Of Human Being And Machine Will Give Rise To "Hybrid Age"

Alvin Toffler divided the society taking birth from human history in three waves on the basis of ideology of waves in his book "Third Wave". First wave is composed of the agricultural society that existed after the civilization of hunters and nomadics. After that industrial revolution created the society of second wave called industrial society. This society existed from the last decades of 17th century till mid of 20th century. The qualities of the industrial age were the mass production of products, their distribution and usage. Education spread vastly and weapons of mass destruction were also manufactured.
The third wave took place in 1950 according to Alvin that he called "Super Industrial Society". However, other terms for the age were also introduced like information age, space age, electronics age, global village, scientific and technological revolution. The technology got speedy progress in this super industrial age and many inventions came to light. The flow of information increased vastly which is on rise day by day.
Keeping in view the importance of technology Toffler termed this age as the biggest age of changes. He wrote that change has no specific way to move it can move to left , right, back ahead or any way. Toffler high lighted the importance of information as saying that in future illiterate will not be the one having no education but will be that one who could not learn.
In the third wave Toffler had fore-casted that society will will leave taking human being as the peak of progress and development but technology and information will be more important. Because these will not only change our economy and social life but our feelings too. Then we will think who we are and this change will not be temporary and not limited to one generation but will be permanent. Thirty years have passed and Toffler's this forecast has come true and technology has entered in each nook and corner of the daily life of human beings. Taking from copying the DNA chain to space research human beings have to depend on technology. The man is now trying to enhance its biological development so that may not lag behind the progress of technology.
Alvin and other futurologists say that man can only pace up with technology only if he merges himself into technology. They think that the age of changes will usher that experts call "Hybrid Age". The man and technology will progress side by side in hybrid age. We can say that we will be the part of machine ans machines will be part of us.

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