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Thursday, September 8, 2011

China Has The Largest Army In The World

China today is the biggest economic power in the world after the USA, but by 2025, it will be ahead of USA in this regard. It is the largest trade-partner of USA. China is establishing the best system of Universities in the country. China is on the road to be a super power. China did not get these successes through wars but got through trade, industries, friendship and creating a peaceful environment. How an 80-year old Chinese woman looks at the marvelous development of her country, let us see, she said," sixty years back Chines were empty bellies and pockets but majority of the Chines have foods and money. I remember when chairman Mao had come to Tinamen Square to announce the independence then there was no clothes except that of brown color but this time on the day of independence it looks like there was a colorful rainbow on the earth. We have shown the world that how much powerful we are now."
When Mao took the power wars had destroyed industrial sector, communication and agricultural systems, there fore industrial and agricultural production was the at the lowest level. High inflation rate had negatively affected the economic condition. Therefore, the first step taken by the government was to nationalize the trade and industry, introduced broad based economic reforms, eliminated feudalism, and adopted simple official policies to minimize inflation that resulted to take the country on right path by 1952.

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