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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Pakistani Test Chricketers Who Stepped Into Politics

Imran Khan would have been prime minister if he would have been following te path suggested by the former president Parvez Musharraf. Abdul Hafeez Kardar would have been chief minister or governor of Punjab if he would have not annoyed Bhutto in a specific matter. Favoring Musharraf in 2002 referendum Imran Khan said that president in an interview had told," that he wanted Imran Khan to be the prime minster of Pakistan, but, Imran Khan himself changed his path." Imran Khan withdrew his favor to Musharraf when he saw that president is gathering the most corrupt elements around him, against whom Imran Khan had promised with the nation to take action when he comes into power. Imran Khan neutralized the impact of favoring Musharraf by severely opposing his government. Imran Khan has already opologized to the nation for his favor of dictator and this is his greatness, otherwise, those changing parties by favoring and worshiping the "rising sun" justify their misdeeds.
Another cricketer Kardar lost the trust of Bhutto, according to famous journalist Khalid Hassan when he favored the PPL strike against Bhutto's wish. According to Khalid Bhutto never forgave the strikers and majority of them could not succeed in making political career. Kardar, who had to be the governor or chief minister of Punjab was overlooked after Bhutto came into power. Though he taken as a minster in Punjab cabinet but he could never gain Bhutto's confidence.
Hafeez Kardar was preparing to take part in 1970 election after the announcement of election schedule but he had not decided yet to join Bhutto's party, though he had contacts with him (Bhutto). He consulted the great poet Faiz Ahmad Faiz for joining any political party, the great poet suggested him to join PPP being the only progressive party. Faiz Ahmad Faiz informed Bhutto on phone and Kardar met Bhutto in his Clifton residence and joined PPP regularly. Bhutto served dinner in his honor and took him to Jem Khana and Sind Club. According to Kardar Bhutto wanted to show the people that important people of the country are joining his party. The chairman of People's Party Punjab Dr Mubashir Hassan on the directives of Bhutto welcomed Kardar in a public gathering for joining PPP. Kardar had direct access to Bhutto. He remained through out with Mian Mahmud Ali Qasuri in the election compaign in Punjab.He was elected as member to the Punjab Assembly He was given the portfolio of education minister of Punjab and the first test cricket captain of Pakistan also worked as the chairman of cricket board.

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