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Sunday, September 11, 2011

How The English Rulers Maintained Their Government Writ In India For A century?

The British rulers very well aware of the social attitudes and living style and standards of Indians. The Indians were used to live in narrow streets and smaller houses for centuries. These narrow streets were usually constructed for the security from the attackers. The new rulers after seeing the pattern of narrow streets passed a law that no government officer will enter the streets for law-enforcing activity. Due to this law no police official could chase him in the streets, when any local miscreant entered the streets after committing the crime. The police official had to wait on the turn of the street, and arrested the accused after he came out. Can you think of the philosophy of this law that English people could conceive of rightly. The first strategy was that police will fail to find accused in narrow streets that will lead to degrading the police morale and other was that they will be killed by the culprits in the streets and thus government writ will be negatively affected and that will eliminate the fear of government from the minds of masses.
The rulers were of the view that government must not issue a order that can not be implemented. They called it "Bad Law' that was impossible to be imposed. They never issued any bad law during their whole reign.
Another principle that was adapted by the English rulers was the division of the Indians based creed and languages. India is still today divided into groups of castes and community. This distribution into communal groups has been for the last thousands years. In Lahore even Araien will never cast his vote for the candidate of other community and Kashmiri will put his vote in the ballot box of a Kashmiri. We today even consider cobler ( Shoe maker), hair cutter and carpenter downgraded and respect landlord, khans and chaudharies (all big guns of Pakistan). We today do not like to shake hand with low caste persons (Though it is against the teachings of Islam). The English rulers got to know our this psychology 350 years ago and they made it a law on the basis of our social division They gave powers to high caste people and these powerful local people forced the low caste poor people to bow their heads before the rulers and the English man rules over our land for hundred years..

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