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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

When Imran Khan Met With Ba Nazeer Bhutto (Late) For The First Time

Imran Khan said I met BaNazeer Bhutto for the first time when she was crying on a person who had claimed her being socialist. Imran Khan said that as an Oxford student he was room mate with Zia Malik the brother of actor Raat Malik. One evening he said when he returned home and was locking his motor bike out side the home, he heard the voice of a lady argueing on some topic. Zia Malik had invited Bai Nazeer to introduce her with other Oxford students from Pakistan. He had annoyed BaNazeer saying that land reforms were not effectively implemented in Sindh.Obviously, this was a sensitive topic for her whose father Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto had tried to minimize the power of feudal lords with limited land reforms in 1972. Imran says he tried to calm her and we were good friends after this first meeting. BaNazeer was famous for dealing politely with Britishers but her attitude towards Pakistanis was harsh. Imran Khan said he saw her in Holland in Pakistani embassy in 1974 when she was 20 years,where a reception in the honor of cricket team was arranged.
She was treating the Pakistani Ambassador as he was her personal servant. It looked that she was of the dictorial nature from her young age. Imran Khan said that BaNazeer remained there in Oxford one year after he (Khan) left Oxford. He supposed that she did so as she was committed to be the president of Oxford Union.

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