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Monday, September 12, 2011

Ghaddafi's Personal Women Body Guards Had Been Sexually Assaulted?

After the entrance of Libyan revolutionaries, the crimes committed by Qaddafi are coming to light one after another. The latest crimes list of Qaddafi has been published in the English Newspaper "Daily Mail" through the statement of former lady commando 19 year Nasreen Mansoor Alfarqani. She confessed that due to the threats of the Qaddafi's army she was forced to shoot 11 soldiers of revolutionaries. According to Nasreen Mansoor," the faithfuls of Qaddafi used to bring suspected revolutionaries in a room where the soldiers of former dictator ordered the the personal body guards of Qaddafi to to kill them. They were threatened to be molested and killed if they did not shoot them."
The young lady commando is under treatment in a hospital in tripoli for her injuries. She also told the daily mail the procedure used to select lady guards for Qaddafi's personal security.
Lady commando told that each of the lady guards have fallen prey to sexual assault of Qaddafi himself, his family men or Libyan officials. She said the number of such women are very large who after sexually molested by the rulers are now forgotten stories. Other 5 women body guards have also accused of Qaddafi and his sons for sexual contacts. A Libyan psychiatrist Dr Saham in an interview said that she has been treating such lady commandos who have been raped by Qaddafi and his aides. Dr Saham is collecting the data of such ladies that would be used against the former rulers for litigation.
As far as the blogger thinks the English newspaper and specially issued from Britain are not trustworthy and they published such stories that can defame Muslims, Muslim rulers and their families. They purchase such people and get fake interviews and statements. In my opinion all this is false and base less. Qaddafi might have committed other crimes as a dictator but the molestation stories are for the character assassination of Qaddafi and justify the attacks of NATO air force on Libya.

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