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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

MK Computer "Watson" Defeated Two The Most Intelligent Persons In Game Show

According to Alvin Toffler, the hybrid age of men and technology will be quite different from the previous ages in many ways. First presence of technology everywhere, secondly the continuous and speedy development of intelligence, thirdly increasing impacts of technology socially in human beings, fourthly the capability of technology to appear in any form and the increasing power of technology that would have never been observed in human history.
Today computers are not only powerful but are cheaper too. This trend will remain for at least 15 years and then DNA computing will appear and cells will replace silicone chips and more cheaper and mini computers will come to market. Afterward, mini computing machines and sensors will be installed not only in smart phones and laptops but in in every item of daily use that will include human body too.
The experts of IBM say that by 2015, one trillion equipments will be linked to internet. These equipments will be providing and sharing information with others continuously, Thus the time is far away that we will be living under the shelter of technology.
The technology of the age will be too intelligent that would work independently with out our help but will be able to help each other. Recently, MK Computer "Watson" defeated defeated two intelligent persons in a game show Geo perdi in February and a opened a new chapter of artificial intelligence.

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