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Friday, September 23, 2011

What Is Coma? Coma Stories

The word "Coma" is derived from the Greek word meaning "Deep Sleep". In medical term coma is called a long condition of senselessness that can exit for 6 hours or more. During coma the affected person can not be awakened. Usually the person in coma does not show any response to awakening attempt. Person suffering from coma is referred to as "comatose" According to Glasgow Coma Scale, a person suffering from confusion has the lightest form of coma.
There are several reasons for suffering from coma that include:- use of alcohol or drugs, using the wrong common or prescribed medicines or overuse,metabolic abnormalities, diseases of central nervous system, nervous injuries,as strokes, hypoglycemia, hypothemia, hypoxia, and hemiation.
The normal working of two nervous parts of the affected person is necessary for maintaining the consciousness. First is the Grey colored material the cerebral cortex that conceals the external layer of brain, second is a structure called reticular activating system (RAS) which is located in brainstem. The injury of one the parts or or both may lead the affected person to coma condition. Human cortex consists of thick, grey color group of nucleaus of neurons.the axons of which create white material and it relays sensory inputs or sensitivity through thalmic pathway. The important thing is that it is directly or indirectly responsible for all the nervous functions from simple reflexes to complex thinkings.On other side RAS is a primary structure in brainstem that is strongly linked to reticular formation this is a such an anatomical structure that is important for changing over during sleep or awakening or vice versa. It is necessary to check the strength of bilateral cerebral cotices and monitor the activity of RAS of the affected person.

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