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Monday, September 19, 2011

No One Would Be Punished In NRO Case Even If Verdict Went Against It----Wikileaks

The government had told the US prior to SC annulment of NRO that none would be punished in case the verdict went against it, according to WikiLeaks disclosure.
In a cable dated December 4, 2009 sent to Washington, U.S. Ambassador, N. Patterson has started the details of her meetings with the Acting Attorney General, Shah Khawar and Acting U.S. political Consular, according to WikiLeaks. It was stated in the cable that the government has not been able to make a decision for defending or otherwise of the NRO, however it seems that the Supreme Court headed by the Chief Justice, Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry would declare this Ordinance null and void.
According to the cable, Attorney General was of the opinion that even if it happened so, president Zardari would enjoy the immunity, while the NRO beneficiaries would continue performing their duties.
The cases against the beneficiaries of NRO would not get open, but if it happened so, the government would not throw any spanner. He further said that pursuing these cases would not be easy due to lack of NAB prosecutors and the courts, according to the cable.

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