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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Three Year Old Girl Woke Up Singing From Coma

Three year old Layla Towsey when suffered from meningitis and went into coma. Doctors showed hopelessness for her recovery and asked her family to be ready for bad news. But this little girl was not ready to leave the world so soon, she suddenly woke up from coma and started singing Abba's pop hit song Mamma Mia. She was in coma for 5 days and musical recovery woke her up. Doctors diagnosed her suffering from meningitis as well as from meningococcal septicaemia (swelling of brain and vertebral column). She spent 5 days in ICU and then when she awoke was singing the song.
Another three year old girl Ya Wen was hit by speedy van and got injured seriously though her life was safe but she suffered from coma. She remained in coma for 5 days but she she woke up from coma she was quite a changed girl. She started drinking and smoking suddenly. Mother of Ya Wen said that she was acting just like a mature person. Her mother saw her smoking a cigarette in wash room out of her dad's cigarette pack. In the beginning she stole father's cigarettes to smoke then started getting them from street shop on loan.
Psychiatrists may be able to explain the reasons why it happens but I think the person follows the thinking what he/she has been thinking about just before suffering from coma.

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