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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Coma Story--- Kroatian Girl Woke Up From Coma Speaking German And Forgetting Kroatian Language

Sandra Erelaik a 13 year old girl fell into coma but when woke up she was speaking quite a different language. The case also puzzled doctors because she spoke Kroatian language before suffering from coma,but after 24 hours remaining in coma, she was unable to speak Kroatian. But more astonishing was that she could speak German language fluently and correctly.
Her parents say that she started leaning the German language recently in her school in Knin, South Kroatia. Chief of local Hospital Dr Dujemir Marasovic says that they are trying to know why did she fell into coma and how did she forgot to speak Kroatian language.
A kind and loving grand pa Frail Angelo De Luca of 81 years from Biasca, Switzerland fell from peach tree and remained into coma for 4 days. He was treated and operated in hospital but when he came out of coma he was not a civilized and kind grand pa but was like a a bad young man who wanted to chase and tease girls. His family was harassed due to his behavior and and sued him in the court.He was house arrested because he spent lbs 3000 out of his savings on a beautiful prostitute, who was of his grand daughter's age. Daniel, the son of grand pa Angelo's filed a case against him in the court and judges handed over the control of grand pa's two houses and bank balance to his son. In their verdict judges wrote that the mental condition Angelo is suffering from makes him unable to run his financial matters.

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