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Friday, September 30, 2011

Extortionists--- The Blood Sucking Human Lice

When the Shaher Yar, the son of late governor Salman Tasir was abducted on August 28, 2011, people thought this the activity of some fighter's organization, but after investigation it was known that he was kidnapped by an extortionist group for ranmsom. This group sold Shaher Yar to another group who too him to tribal aras. Now the attempts are underway to get him freed. Today extortionists have formed powerful groups in the world. These groups are usually active in the cities where richest people, industrialists,business community reside. Extortionists send chits or message to the targeted person to send the demanded amount of money other wise he will suffer. If the recipient of the message pays the amount then they leave him otherwise send him threats and some times fire around him to scare him. In developing countries police performance is zero so the threatened person pays the demanded amount silently and saves his and his family lives.
The history of extortion is very old. The tradition would have started thousand years back when powerful tribes would receive money or some thing in kind not to attack the weaker tribe. However, the tribe that was not ready to pay money would have been invaded or destroyed. When states came into being the then the state government adapted this process. The history tells many countries have been naming this extortion differently like taxes .
During the 18th century the European countries and the USA used to pay extortion money to sea pirates not to attack their ships. It happened too that during 15th century China used to receive money from neighboring countries so that they may be safe from its attacks.
The difference between the extortion of past and present is that today industrialists, traders and business men pay huge money in the form of taxes to the government for the safety of their lives and property. So, no other individual has the right to get tax or extortion forcibly on any rich person. Unfortunately there is no rule of law in the backward countries so people are forced to pay tax or extortion but but developed countries have strict laws to sentence this kind of acts and sentence the culprits under the law.

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